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    Blackberry OG nute issue with pics

    1. Are you growing from seed or clones? clones 2. How old are your plants? week 2 3. How tall are your plants? 8-10" 4. What type of hydro system are you using? coco croutons drain to waste 5. What brand/type of nutrients are you using? pure blend pro 6. What is the Ph of your nutrient...
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    Dyna-rok discourages burrowing insects?

    The Dyna gro website makes the claim that this medium discourages root zone insects due to it being diatomaceous earth. Can anyone comment on this medium and it's ability to deter pests?
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    Sentinel CHHC-4 $575

    I've been shopping around for the best price on this controller and this is the best I have found and thought I'd share it...$575 free shipping, you can't beat that. I've purchased hps lamps from these guys and they have great deals on sets of 3 and 6...
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    Hydrogen Peroxide product for powdery mildew

    I did find one other post here about this product I recently discovered called Oxidate. Check it out. Also, Oxidate and Zerotol are the same product with different labels due to the way they are registered. Oxidate can be purchased on ebay but it's kinda pricey. I would like to try it...
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    MaverickSun Reflector 90US 8 inch air ducts

    I was just reading this magazine called Rosebud Hydroponic growers lifesyle magazine. I saw an ad for what looks like a really sweet reflector. Check it out... I spoke with a guy at Tulare growers...
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    Large scale LED light grow

    I found this pic on another forum. These are the Illuminator 180watt UFO. This guy has 4 over each 4 x 4. I am told that he loves them and has dozens of them. I will be swiching out my 3 600w hps for 3 Illuminator 350 watt panels very soon.
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    Fosphite - systemic fungicide

    I was reading another thread about treating thrips and someone suggested a product from JH Biotech. So, I'm looking through the list of products they sell and found Fosphite. It's systemic, approved for food crops and can be used...
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    Lumatek high par lamp

    I realize this is new to the US market but no matter who I ask, nobody can tell me anything about this product. Has anyone here heard anything about this yet?
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    Borreplex binds rhizo to roots

    I discovered this product today and thought I would share it. I don't know any quantity/price yet but the US source is Miller chemical and fertilizer corporation Hanover PA 800-233-2040.
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    Looks like I been missing out

    I do frequent another site but somehow stumbled over here. Perhaps I will check it out. My current grow is struggling along. I have overcome a spidermite problem and now I'm dealing with fungal gnats.