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  1. Skurt

    Mainlining Two Plants In One Pot?

    Hi everyall! I had an idea that might save me some time and preduce a decent harvest. So the thing is that I am superlimited to space, rocking a 2x2 tent. That, and being sick and tired of the popcorns, I started planning on mainlining. The idea was to have two plants, total of 8 colas and one...
  2. Skurt

    Help Me Chose A Proper Led.

    Hi! I got a 1' x 1' cabinet I was thinking about using for seedlings before I can transplant and move them/it to my humongous 2x2. I found a LED module that is 2800k and 320 lumens with a 140 degree spread and draws 4.5w at the wall. It is supposed to be equal to 32w "standard bulb". I was...
  3. Skurt

    How Big Smart Pot And How About Flushing?

    Hello. I'm planning my next grow. I was thinking a 12.5 gallon smart pot filled with 10 gallon soil for one plant in a 2x2 tent, standing on a DIY kinda rotary table that you use for old fat TV's. I was thinking of using the bottom part of a cutoff oildrum to catch the runoff water and fitting a...
  4. Skurt

    Is It Necessary To Up-pot?

    Hi! Couldn't find whats the pros and cons with transplanting before the final pot. I'm sure its out there but I could not find any with my search terms.. My current grow went from seeds being planted in root riots and after 1 week I put them in each 4 gallon pot. I'm still new too growing and...
  5. Skurt

    New Cat On The Block.

    Hello everyother! This is the first forum dedicated to cannabis I've joined :) Have just started growing and grow for myself. Is currently on my first "real" grow, no bagseeds, no crappy nutes or soil from the flowershop around the corner. Not sure what to tell more.. I really love watching 'em...
  6. Skurt

    Accidental Overdose On Gold Label Roots

    Hello everyone. So I accidentally just gave my plants 10 times the recommended dose of 0.25-0.5ml/L and giving two ladies 2.5ml/L and the other two 5ml/L. They are still very young, popped the seed in root riots 3 weeks ago and put in 4 gallon pots 2 weeks ago. Do you think I will have problems...