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    logic needs help small white bugs crawling in my soil

    Logic, I realize this post is somewhat old but here is what I know. I have dealt with these little fuckers and killed them all off. They are mites that live in the soil. They are mites because they have 8 legs. They will fuck your plants up quick. I purchased 25000 hypoaspis miles...
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    What i believe to be root aphids :(

    root aphid life cycle
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    What i believe to be root aphids :(

    It took me awhile to learn the difference between fungus gnats and root aphids. The difference is the babies. Fungus gnat babies look like little worms as seen in your last pic. Root aphid babies look like little root aphids. Root aphids do not have a stage where they look like worms.
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    Does Canna Coco + RO + Canna nutes = calmag need

    I thought this might help you. I spoke with a Botanicare rep today about calmag. Just like you, I am using RO water. I usually bring the ppms up to around 200 with calmag and then add nutrients from that point. My plants still look like they have a minor cal and or mag deficiency. The guy...
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    Help wanted new farmer here :)

    If you have the gear you need to get your garden going then you are halfway there. Before you jump into getting started, you need to buy some books and immerse yourself in them until you have some idea about what you are doing. Do not come to this forum expecting to have someone tell you...
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    Does Canna Coco + RO + Canna nutes = calmag need

    The reason you need calmag is that you are using RO water. Normal tap water has these already in it but your filter strips them out. You are simply making up for this by adding calmag back to the water. The beauty of this is that YOU get to control how much is in your water instead of relying...
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    HELP! Troubled clones - Dark purplish stems?

    I agree with transplant shock. The same thing happens to me alot. Your room being cold would also be bad. The clones I bring home are smaller and newly rooted and are coming from a nice warm environment. I try to get it around 80 for them.
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    Older fan leaves yellowing

    I picture of the entire plant would help alot.
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    Blackberry OG nute issue with pics

    problem solved So, I finally figured this out. Instead of going by the Botanicare feed chart, I was going by my ppms. The chart for week 1 is 7.5ml pure blend pro grow and 5ml calmag. Just these 2 in my R/O water is 900 ppms! I was mixing it up at less than half that amount. Since...
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    Blackberry OG nute issue with pics

    I have 16 and they are all looking about the same. It's amazing how much they grew right after I upped the ppms.
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    Blackberry OG nute issue with pics

    My nute solution did have calmag in it but I don't think I was using enough. I added some calmag and also bumped up the ppms to 550. The girls are already showing noticeable improvement since yesterday. Thanks for the assist peeps. Green girl - how old is your BB? Do you remember what...
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    Blackberry OG nute issue with pics

    Were you able to resolve this issue or is it still a problem? I do know that these damaged leaves are not going to be repaired.
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    Blackberry OG nute issue with pics

    Yes, I did get them from LA wonderland. Love their genetics and clean healthy clones. I too thought my ppm's might be too low. I have also bumped up the calmag. I couldn't be sure from all the books and threads I have searched to diagnose this. To me, it seems like either a magnesium or...
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    Blackberry OG nute issue with pics

    1. Are you growing from seed or clones? clones 2. How old are your plants? week 2 3. How tall are your plants? 8-10" 4. What type of hydro system are you using? coco croutons drain to waste 5. What brand/type of nutrients are you using? pure blend pro 6. What is the Ph of your nutrient...
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    Getting greener--substitute for perlite

    where's the poor kid gonna swim? grandma, there's a tree in my pool:brokenheart
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    Getting greener--substitute for perlite

    I am not a fan of perlite either. I like to use a mix of canna coco and cocodan croutons to lighten it up. My next run I plan to use straight croutons for a very fast draining, highly oxygenated medium that will get watered several times daily. Coming from a hydroton setup, I like to water...
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    Fosphite - systemic fungicide

    I am now a big fan of eagle 20 used before flowering. Works great.
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    Yet, Another Newbie

    Welcome fellow farmer!
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    MPB first time, 6,400k, 5 site.

    Nice work. This makes my little drip to waste system look like ancient technology:clapping
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    AZ newest MMJ state!

    Hurray :party0033: