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    Reef, who is this...

    Thanks for the explanation Reef....what ever it is I truly love it. I just started some of the BCG I'll have pics when they get alittle bigger. The new reeferman seeds collective sounds like a positive direction. shiva
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    Reef, who is this...

    ....why would you say that? Did something like that happened? Did Bob mix things up, or something?
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    Reef, who is this...'s a beautiful plant. i'll keep showing flower pics as they come. shiva
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    Reef, who is this...

    I'm pretty sure I got this in a pack of 5 apple pie freebies form Bob. shiva
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    Reef, who is this...

    Here is a pic of the mother. It might not be enough to judge. I also added a pic of a 35 day flower clone. I think I need to work on my picture taken. shiva
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    Which Strain?

    I was looking at that master kush x afghan haze. I'm sure that one would be a winner. I love my mango widow, that leans on the mango haze side, It's the only thing I want to smoke. good luck shiva
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    GODBUD mom in flower

    Looks this the pheno that the white hairs turn pink?
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    Laughing moon, it has been along time since I heard about them. I bought there bubblegum x white rhino. I do remember the Kong. It was a crazy yielder. I remember seeing pics that were unreal. shiva
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    Big Sur Holy Weed

    Give thanks the pics.
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    Reef, who is this...

    Don't get me wrong, I love this plant! The apple pie was a freebie, I still have a five pack so no big deal. give thanks
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    Reef, who is this...

    That's crazy.... this plant got mixed up when I started grapefruit, apple pie and supreme hash plant. I think it must have been in the apple pie mix because I had a problem getting the SHP to pop. that left me with the grapefruit which i identified--3 out of 5 female. Could Bob have mixed up...
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    Reef, who is this...

    give thanks BH....I finally got it.
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    Reef, who is this...

    Reef can you idenify the plant. I took a pic of a fan leaf, it is amazingly unique. I think it is SHP what do you think.... shiva
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    The Happy hindu !

    Great story Reef, would love to see what would come out of that. shiva
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    dutch master gold

    I am on my first run of DM gold. Is there anyone else that is using these nuts? so far, I can't believe how good the plants look and feel. the leaves feel so soft. I love this stuff!!! shiva
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    afghan skunk question?

    Bodhi... the Ccanadian classic is a cross between SPG x burmese. I won and popped these a couple years ago. I got only two out of 10, there on the older side. I think this is the perfect cross...the SPG is the bomb while the burmese adds a sweet floral smell. The high is plesently strong. I...
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    ..northern lights...

    good luck with those Zoo. Can't wait to see reef's NL going.
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    ..northern lights...

    Did these go up yet? If they did, damn thats fast.
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    Bitish Columbian Gold

    I have just popped 5 of these seeds. I hope to find that fast flowering 50/50 pheno. Thanks reef for your dedication. I have been a loyal customer now for three years --I was duppy conqueror on your old site-- i honor your loyalty and dedication. shiva
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    Hipersemillas Seedbank in Spain

    I find this company to be stand up. Meet the owner at Spannabis. hey have been in business for a few years now. Doing most of there business in Europe, but do mail to the states.I have never ordered anything form them....But I did win a complete collection from...whats that wankers name that...