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  1. Jack og

    Pest/Neem Oil Help

    The oil residues plus too wet and too small a plant is why it’s all wilted and burned up. Neem is safe , organic but as others have pointed out maybe a safer product like soap is a better choice. I use neem but I use it in veg and larger plants. It’s effective but have to be on it
  2. Jack og

    Root growth after flip flower

    Brown paper bag for 6-7 days post snap on dry. Then buck down and trim Then jar, burp daily If too wet your initial drying was insufficient. If wet after being Jared, dry again And don’t use plastic tupper ware, they leave plastic smell leached into product
  3. Jack og

    Soil enough or feed?

    The soil is usually good for a few weeks so the need to feed shouldn’t be high, if anything a very dilute feeding around week 3-4
  4. Jack og

    Pest/Neem Oil Help

    Yea the concentration was too much, wash it off with plain water . Leaves are damaged and will wilt but new growth should come in clean. Wash daily to remove the heavy oil
  5. Jack og

    First time grower seedling help

    What’s ur setup?
  6. Jack og

    Please help! weird little black spots on my leaves

    Does look like mites bro, take pics on the underside of the leaves
  7. Jack og

    Glad to be here

    Welcome to the farm and cheers mate
  8. Jack og

    hight rescue

    Nice solution
  9. Jack og

    Issue with new growth?

    Dang someone else had this same issue, stems show need for phosphorus and potassium since u have fed, but the tips purpling like that... genetic? Dunno it’s a mystery we all be stumped on
  10. Jack og

    Are booster fans needed?

    Free is good and and I’ve found that having more air moving does indeed help
  11. Jack og

    Leaves yellowing in patches, curling, rust, slight tip burns

    Phosphate deficient in the fat dark disfigured leaves. And yes it can use some cal mag and macro nutes.
  12. Jack og

    Outdoor leaves have a strange kink in them

    Canoeing . Let’s see if you can tell from those charts attached
  13. Jack og

    Is this auto a male?

    No it’s female, calyx development and sugar leaves but it looks like it is reveging
  14. Jack og

    Scratching my head over this guy.

    I had to just give up on a few auto myself. Genetics? Dunno but yea I spun till said fuck it and trashed it
  15. Jack og

    Sexing plants

    They look female to me for the moment 🧐
  16. Jack og

    Is this an infection?

    Does it look like this? If so it’s mold and do like I said earlier. I had the same issue on a reveg plant. It was too dense and no airflow with insect activity
  17. Jack og

    Is this an infection?

    Mold happens on branches as well, and usually it’s from insect activity
  18. Jack og

    600W HID ventilation questions

    Need air mass to be 45dg cooler then the light zone so is the air around where u will be pulling in fresh air from cool? 3x3 is too small for that big of a light. It is why ppl choose leds over hid in a small setup. Cooling will a massive challenge
  19. Jack og

    auto seedlings naturally have no middle growth

    Pics so that we can compare notes
  20. Jack og

    Please Help Me Diagnose My Plant Problem!

    I wanna say phosphorus deficiencies, what’s the nute ratio? In early stretch , the root mass also tripled in size and all plants require more phosphorus during this stage to help them into a later flower/end stage( it wants to leave its genetics behind) So what are the nutes being used
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