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    PH issues??

    If your temps an rh is jumping around that can be a problem, get some ph up and down, watered down white vinegar can lower your ph but go very light, you have a meter right?
  2. Edinburgh

    Is Ventilation needed for a 4x4 tent?

    You should.
  3. Edinburgh

    Help me out please!! Think it’s time to harvest???

    I would flush out with cold water to help your pistols turn, and chop within the next 10 days, if there thirsty again flush with cold water for above stated reason.
  4. Edinburgh

    WHEN to start flush for harvest?

    You chop by your trichome not your pistols, you want all your trichome milky with some amber, 10 days before chop flush out plant with cold water this will help your pistols turn.
  5. Edinburgh

    Auto flower help

    Allot of plants do that, an hour or 2 before my lights go off the leaves droop, they are stretching and growing, they know when the lights are going to go off and there getting rea3for bed, when you wake up there back to normal right? This is not a problem.
  6. Edinburgh

    While waiting for my photo periods....

    Start giving your auto cold water, it will help your pistols turn.
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    1st timer

  8. Edinburgh

    Reliable seed bank ?...

    Methisto USA autoflowers only, pacific seeds, dc seed exchange, Oregon Elite seeds, growers choice, crop king, Nirvana.
  9. Edinburgh

    1st time grower, seed problems?

    Skip the rockwool, put your beans in a cup of warm water till they sink, then do the paper towl drill, if growing autos plant bean in pot you intend to do your whole grow in, if growing a photoperiod put in a solo cup till ready for transplant, try and keep things simple, good luck.
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    What are you smoking today? Summer 2020

    Sweet tooth
  11. Edinburgh

    Help, is my autoflower revegging? What has happened to it

    Autoflowers do not like stress, heat swings and such, allso you do not run autoflowers in flower when there supposed to be in veg, if you have a 2 cycle light you can run on both cycles in late veg after the plant starts to flower, in my opinion you overstessed and confused your plant by running...
  12. Edinburgh

    What Are Your Favorite Seed Banks?

    Methisto USA autoflowers only, crop king USA, pacific seeds, dc seed exchange, Oregon elite seeds, over seas Nirvana, original seeds.
  13. Edinburgh

    Hermie or Male Cannabis plant?

  14. Edinburgh

    Spider mites

    Go to hardware store and buy food grade de earth, you must let your topsoil dry as this is a powder and will not work if wet, sprinkle the dust around infected plant, you can use a balled up piece of tp to dust your fans, do not dust flower, leave for 72 hours then give a light flush and check...
  15. Edinburgh

    Spider mites or deficency anyone know i got pics this my first auto ????

    When dealing with pests use food grade de earth, available at any hardware store it is cheap and organic, you must let your topsoil dry as it is powder and must be kept dry to work, sprinkle dust around infected plants, you can use a balled up piece of tp to dust the fans, do not dust flower...
  16. Edinburgh

    New Auto Grow Summer

    Grew diesel and was smallish, grew kush and was smallish, can not get dirt till next week bc of covid, just did not have enough dirt to get them in 3gal pots, both plants are potbound, there flowering but poorly, large plants with good secondary branch growth, they are 41 days from sprouts, cut...
  17. Edinburgh

    Additional red lighting for flower?

    I have 2 autos in veg at day 40, there in great health but flowering poorly, i turned the other cycle on to give it some red, this was last week and both plants seem to be improving, but im not flowering them there still in veg mode.
  18. Edinburgh

    Pistils on plant in veg turning brown

    Feeding and or watering with cold water can make them turn.
  19. Edinburgh

    Is it time

    Flush out plant with cold water, plan on chopping within 1 week, nice job.
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    Time to transplant?

    3 or 5 US gal pots generally work best, unless you plan on a tree.
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