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  1. datDANK

    Last Day Before Price Increase!

    sorry.. whats the shelf life ?
  2. datDANK

    Which OGRaskel strains should I grab?

    i grew out something from raskals it smelled exactly like DURIAN.. it might had been the skunk cross
  3. datDANK

    Alien Genetics Photos

    so what is top 3 alien genetics of all time???
  4. datDANK

    LOS ANGELES favorite CLUB

    I'm looking for some high quality clubs. anyone know any?? valley, hollywood, LA
  5. datDANK

    which ones better?

    ever look into N butane at your local gas supply store
  6. datDANK

    Thinking about moving to California

    just come out to cali.. you'll love it .. but don't come if you just want to grow and become rich.. come for everything else
  7. datDANK

    Strawberry Cough cut?

    you can go to kyle kushmans club he associates with in socal.. and buy the actual kyle kushman stawberry cough cut
  8. datDANK

    Help my moms are sick and i cant lose them

    just keep everything super simple and use enzymes like root excel... you'll be fine
  9. datDANK

    What are your favorite Quotes?

    “You are an explorer, and you represent our species, and the greatest good you can do is to bring back a new idea, because our world is endangered by the absence of good ideas. Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness.”
  10. datDANK

    Best Marc emery strains

    Marc spread a lot of his seeds around when he was in business.. I also remember his prices being double or triple than anyone else at the time
  11. datDANK


    bunch of black kids die everyday why was this so high profile why did the prez claim that "if I had a son, he would look just like Trayvon"
  12. datDANK

    Healthy lifestyle

    I'm going to list of the best foods on the planet Himalayan salt avocados olive oil hulled hemp seeds spring water seaweed organic greens
  13. datDANK

    Do I grind or cut up buds before making BHO?

    high times mag budder king spills his secrets... tells you how to make the best budder/bho with no contaminates
  14. datDANK

    bho, winterizing ... still no shatter :(

    look at the new hightimes mag. it tells you everything you need to know to make budder from the budderking himself. how you will and will not get a successful product
  15. datDANK

    Healthy lifestyle

    Dr Mercola A Snake Oil Slickster or Genuine Health Renegade? Interesting article regarding Mercola at the Quackwatch site. Recently Dr Mercola posted an article about how Fructose causes obesity and cancer and blamed Ashton Kutchers health issues on...
  16. datDANK

    Healthy lifestyle

    oh and by the way mercola is known to give out false info and is just in it for the $$$$
  17. datDANK

    Healthy lifestyle

    the best spring water large daily doses of Himalayan salt 1 or 2 avacadoes a day tons of the best olive oil nice mix of organic greens a few bananas fruits high quality chocolate tons of organic orange juice HEMP HEMP HEMP HEMP no gluten sockeye salmon kerrygold no salt butter that is prolly...
  18. datDANK

    Uprising Seed Co tester White x Kosher Kush

    holy shit was there an alex grey event i missed?
  19. datDANK

    As Designed ThcFarmer heavy lag?

    I am in SoCal with timewarner. I go on many sites a day and thcfarmer is the only site with lag, long loads, and sometimes never loads up anyone else getting the same problems.. its weird as hell since none of the other 100 sites I go to load up this long
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