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    whats in your freezer

    rez williams wonder ix1- 2 packs rez williams wonder bx2- 2packs gn collection c99 f2- 5 seeds left paradise sensi star- 2packs gn g13 bx reef kodiak gold cali conn. larry og trc sugar baby motarebel grendel monk skash pre 93 mexican 94 mex 95 mex 96 mex 97 select bag seed 98...
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    OJD's seed run 140 seeds various seed companys

    looking good. cant wait for the budshots!!!!
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    Larry OG

    larry is my fave og cut as well.
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    deep chunk

    ive also seen it called hindu death cabbage.
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    so cal master

    i cant tell which is slower in veg. i got them both going right now and their growing at the same rate. my socal master is from ape. i prefer the master smoke a bit more.
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    T-5 question

    i go as close as 4 inches.
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    just joined. love the site. love the auctions.
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