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  1. IzlandDreamz

    Blueberry X Larry Og And Tut X Purple Widow Led Grow

    The blueberry x Larry og we got as a bag seed from a stash that we got from in the usa got a male and female the only two seed in a whole hp, I would give the weed 7 outta ten overall so im trying to push it to see if I can get something better, who we got it from called it Barry og if anyone...
  2. IzlandDreamz

    New To The Farm

    Wat up new to this whole acc. Reg. Thing but been part of the fam for acouple years learning how to come back from my mistakes from and got most of my knowledge from the best growers on this form thanks for all the help I have gotten for the past, been growing for couple years outdoor but I live...
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