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  1. NewbieHydro

    What are some effective ways to tie down plants in double layer pots with hydroton

    OG Kush Auto in Ebb & Flow 2-gallon buckets w/hydroton Feed 15-minutes cycle every 3 hours GH Flora series at 1600ppm with Si and Cal-Mag PH 5.8 6- 300watt LED full-spectrum (not burple) 4 X 4 X 6’8” tent 75F night and 80F daytime Daytime/nighttime humidity 44% to 50% 6” carbon filter...
  2. NewbieHydro

    New Grower: Help!! Seedlings falling over

    I searched the forums but I couldn't find anything that would fit my situation. I germinated my OG Kush Autos in rock wool. they started popping 5 days ago. I had them in a propagator with/ Dome and heating pad. I immediately lower a 2' - 2 bulb T5 light close to the dome without touching it...
  3. NewbieHydro

    Can rockwool be ruined by being soaked too long before being used?

    Hey Folks I was a little concerned that soaking for too long might change the structure and not let enough air in. I understand that it has to drain. This is my 1st grow and I'm a little apprehensive about everything. 😬 Thanks for reading my post
  4. NewbieHydro

    Newbie question about ph testing RO water

    Hey folks. I haven't started my grow yet. I am still gathering information and supplies. I want to make this grow a success. To my question: My BlueLab PH probe tells me not to check PH of RO or distilled water as it will ruin the probe. If I use part RO and Part Tap will my probe be safe...
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