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  1. 02trueblue

    First time grower, any & all inputs/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    They're looking bomb dawg! Nice and dense and chunky. Bet the smell is righteous too about the droopy plant - As they get older, they drink more. How heavy/saturated is the pot? The soil just looks a bit dry. Maybe she likes a little more water. It's probably not a nutrient issue..
  2. 02trueblue

    Bag seed cmh 315 grow

    not to be the bearer of bad new, because i know from experience - but the slow growth if probably from herm issues or from being pollinated from the few banannas. It'll still turn out dank!
  3. 02trueblue

    CMH Basement Grow

    I might have to see if I can find a pack of those! Sounds delicious No experience with megacrop over here either. Can never go wrong with Canna besides the price lol
  4. 02trueblue

    CMH Basement Grow

    Ooo i want to try growing some blue cheese. What breeder is yours from? I do a mild flush a few days before chopping them, if at all. I just taper the nutrients down the last couple weeks from 8ml/gal to 3ml/gal (using Canna nutrients). I'll go a week or two after the PK boost with regular...
  5. 02trueblue

    Do you put hydroton or perlite on the top of your pot?

    It does get a little messy the first few waterings - just because the DE is a fluffy powder. But, work it into the top couple inches of your medium. And after a few waterings, the DE will settle down. It turns almost to a clay after a while. It's not that messy at all really. You just have to...
  6. 02trueblue

    CMH Basement Grow

  7. 02trueblue

    CMH Basement Grow

    Another update! Chopped a couple early taster bottom branches on day 54 The first 7 pictures are the Pre-98 Bubba Kush.. The last couple pictures are Haze
  8. 02trueblue

    This Be How Dirbag Do...

    I like your style, good sir
  9. 02trueblue

    Yellow new growth after transplant.

    ^what he said. Your plants look happy and healthy so I wouldn't worry. The light green new growth is probably just from them growing very quickly.. the leaves will darken up as they age/get larger. As long as the plant looks happy overall, you should be good to go. a close-up pic of the tops of...
  10. 02trueblue

    5 weeks

    She's a beauty!
  11. 02trueblue

    Stripped all the leaves off my plants

    This guy gets it. It has it's place, that is for sure. This guy also gets it. This guy doesn't get it
  12. 02trueblue

    Is this eary sign of cal-mag deficiencies, please help

    Hmm. Cloning can be complicated I'd give them 3-4ml/gal each of A + B. The extra cal-mag is for the coco itself, not necessarily for the plant. You could put 1-2ml/gal of cal-mag. I'd use 6ml/gal of Rhizotonic. Then keep the pH wherever you like it at for clones. Me personally, i always keep it...
  13. 02trueblue

    Safe Ppm Feeding Ranges For Coco/perlite (grotek)

    I stay 5-600 in veg, and 6-750 in flowering. I've fed upward of 1000ppm before, and the plants are much happier in the 600-700 range Lmao! Coconut husks and salty solutions.
  14. 02trueblue

    Stripped all the leaves off my plants

    Yeah lots of us are here for ya, buddy. Keep the updates with pictures coming!
  15. 02trueblue

    (Rookie) Are these buds ready for harvest?

    OoOOoo if it's GSC, then definitely let her go. GSC really shines the last 2-3 weeks. That's when all the magic happens
  16. 02trueblue

    Stunted growth - 4 plants

    They're fine! They're about to start taking off. I'd give slightly MORE water, but LESS often. Get the coco nice and moist, then let it slightly dry out. You don't want it saturated like the small cup is. You want moisture content somewhere in between the small cup and the larger pots. Do you...
  17. 02trueblue

    I thought it was a cal mag problem

    Yeah over-watering looks like the main issue. Is the coco still wet on top when you water again? When transplanting clones from 2x2 cubes to 1gal pots... I wait about a week after transplanting before watering. I let the coco dry out a bit (only the first time or two after transplanting). It...
  18. 02trueblue

    I have problem about new leaves and pistils

    Definitely over watering, combined with possibly over fertilization?
  19. 02trueblue

    Light burn, should I harvest?

    ^ what he said. I've had it happen, and they still smoked smooth and burned well. Just don't let the burned part of the leaves start growing into the buds, or else they'll be uglier. But that's it. I'd let the plant keep going
  20. 02trueblue

    5 weeks

    Good job! I also think they'll fill out significantly more before harvest... I want to see more pictures over the next few weeks! Any idea how long you're going to take them?
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