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    Fellow Farmers with academic degrees?

    I have a degree in philosophy and currently studying for an Masters in philosophy. Not all that relevant to growing but I do think the logical based thinking helps me. Maybe. Or maybe I'm trying to justify all that debt! In the UK one of the big hydro shops has partnered with one of those...
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    Jah's Variety Bucket part 2(Finger Licking Good)

    what herb said! name slipped my mind but the blockbuster is the one I was on about too. A proper square footprint instead of the more awkward rectangle kinda spreda of the cool tube. Don't get me wrong I'm sure you'll get them tubes workin it for you jah lookin forward to the updates...
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    Jah's Variety Bucket part 2(Finger Licking Good)

    Yo jah nice gorw you got goin on man and nice variety too. Can't say I'm a big fan of cool tubes, just don't think they have the spread of other reflectors. I'm saving my pennies for magnum xxls but they do a cheaper one that is designed for a 1.2msqr space which would probably suit you well...
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    420 cup 2010

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone else will be over at the 420 cup in Amsterdam this year? Got to have a smoke with quite a few guys on here would be cool to do it again. So who else is gonna be there? I'm there 18th till the 21st peace mello
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    Magnum XXXL Reflector?

    Just for the UK heads who didn't know like me till today the magnum xxxl is now out in the UK. Haven't picked up one yet myself but I'll be upgrading to some of these and some 1ks soon peace mello
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    Red eye Express Magazine

    I was told by a guy from the shop I used to get it from that the editor got busted for growing and was doing abit of time. That was about 6 months after the last issue came out. Must be a few years now atleast I lose track! No idea how true that was, supposedly it was all pretty much put...
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    Help me out with LST!

    Depends what you want man. I've tied them down then put them straight into flower before. Personally I use LST to give me 6 to 8 stems of a fairly equal height, most other stuff I trim off. I leave some of the side branching on higher up each stem but the lower stuff gets trimmed away. For me I...
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    Switch from H&G to CANNA A&B nutrients?

    I have had the pH stability problems when using and air stone and Canna to. Seems odd to me but my plants still seem to love it all the same. Means I don't like mixing up batches of nutes larger than enough for a few days or so. peace mello
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    PK13/14 In Co Co Few Ques?

    If you use too much pk 13/14 at week 3 rather than slowly building up the dose then yes you will burn your plants and stunt their growth. Hence turning leaves yellow and slowing any growth in the buds. When using pk 13/14 I stat adding it around the same time pistils start to show but in...
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    Absurd prices for pot

    Round this part of the uk prices arn't that great but the worst part is the quality. Just can't get anything I would call good quality. What gets called that round here fluctuates in quality loads but always goes for atleast £200 an Oz if they will even sell a full oz and £10 a g otherwise. Only...
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    New sannie's Shop

    new site seems to do down at the moment or atleast it won't load for me. Look forward to seeing it when its back up peace mello
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    Devilsharvest seeds

    Hey Devil's nice looking pack and even nicer sounding crosses right there! Do you have some shots of the crosses? peace mello
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    Galuku Coco

    I used some on half my white bubba the other half canna. Seemed to get similar results in the end but those in the galuku seemed to be more sensitive to stresses (high ec and off pH). Couldn't say why and may just have been random coincidence but I went back to canna. When I first mentioned it...
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    Going to cali , what to do about smoke

    I'd love to go to cali and see the sites and the buds. Not sure how far my UK passport would go in getting me a med card though :doh Enjoy guys peace mello
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    Pre98 BubbaKush ~ A Killa Kush cut

    Never smoked straight bubba kush but I've tried buba kush x dpd from outlaw and the white x bubba from Raskal and both have bee3n excellent strains I'd highly recomend. I tend to prefer the bubba leaning phenos for the great bud structure it seems to give to a cross. Nice and defined calaxs that...
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    Landrace kushes

    I've been looking into seed companies specialising in landrace strains. I see alot of tropical sativas and nepalese and hymalayan strains but I haven't come across many kush lines. The only ones I've found are from world of seeds and get bad reviews. Does anyone have idea why this is? Seems...
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    Doubleds 13 Dawgz coming to the farm !! Tree Strain

    Glad to hear these are still on the way DDs, I'll be keeping an eye out peace melllo
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    my buds have little smell

    It is suprising at first what a good cure can do to the smell of buds. Though normally my plants stink at the chop but I have had some strains that take a while to develope a proper smell. That and living in the same room as your tent helps you to lose all sense of smell when it comes to bud...
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    Ready to make a large purchase, need your opinions...

    I agree with JK seems a bit low light wise. Also I'm not sure if a single 8" fan will be enough to keep temps down peace mello
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    Strawberry Diesel X Unknown OG

    Yo kid twist! Gotta say thanks to you man. I got some of your straw d x og and I just chucked um into germ tonight. Sure happy I did after jsut looking over these shots both the offspring and the mum look amazing. Gald I know where to drop a few pics when I'm done. peace mello
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