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    Leaf Curl

    i know for a fact that leafs do this when they seek heat
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    Spider Mites

    from what i know cleaning the leafs with sponges helps + clean with water with a few drops of liquid soap
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    Outdoor watering system

    I couldn't think if a good topic name. What I need is something that will water my plants because I'll be gone for 7 days and the maximum they can go on without water is what 4-5 days anything above that would be hurtful. I need something that I could build. Bear in mind its for the outdoors so...
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    Too late ?

    thx a lot gys !!!
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    Too late ?

    I don't get it are you saying its too late ? By what I understand if I plant before the june of 21 its ok ? So why are you saying its too late ?
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    Too late ?

    Nope we get snow and frost in january thats long past thanks for the info :)
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    Too late ?

    Europe, Bulgaria we are about to get into summer. Well it has kinda already started but its about to get as summerish as it gets.
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    Too late ?

    Yo guys I'm germinating some seeds and I was wandering is it too late for an outdoor ?
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    All-Aboard the Train to Bangkok!

    Hey man :) these lyrics sound really cool dude :) welcome aboard
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    hm 2 feet is about ok 3 is a bit much ill choose a strain and keep you posted
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    Helloz ppl could you share some light on the Bubblegum strain I'm curious how tall does it get how well does it yield and would it grow good in just 120cm high box ? My apologize if there is a simillar thread but I have not nocied such
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    We are the THSeeds Crew!

    Hi guys :)
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    Why is soil better?

    Well it's only natural for marijuana to grow in soil thus produce better buds :) and I should say when making the choise between hydro and soil you choose over a little better and a little faster I hope you get what I mean :)
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    Hello man :) sounds to me like you have some expirience to share :P :)
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    Advice on watering in the Hempty bucket

    Thats some useful info azgrow thx but I think the first time I'll just go with 100 % perlite just for the sake of simplictiy
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    Advice on watering in the Hempty bucket

    Ok ok I hear ya thx guys :)
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    New Poster old grower

    Hi mate hows it going :) can i ask you whats the easiest way for checking the pH of the water ? Other then using an el pH meter ?
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    Advice on watering in the Hempty bucket

    Thx dude this was very helpful just a stupid question should the bucket be prefilled or wait till it gets filled on its own from watering the plants ?
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    Hi all

    That is not a small grow space if you ask me :) Nice to meet you bud :)
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    To Grow or not to Grow, that is not really the question ;)

    Hi there Girl you seem like a cool person :)
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