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    Hello from the Midwestern United States

    Welcome!! :damnhippie: enjoy the farm :hi: Health 2MS
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    Greetings THC Farmer Crew (Saludos a toda la peña de THC Farmer)

    Bienvenida seas pues Medicine Woman...:hi: Welcome To the Farm...:damnhippie: health! 2MS
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    autoflowering strains

    I think certainly in the way you're good, Alekiboy.. the autoflowering is interesting health:hi: 2ms
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    Hi all!! New in the site!

    You are the best my friend!:hi: Cuanto me alegra verte por aquí mi querido trasgo.:cool0010: Your green is now flooded farm!!!:clapping See you! :fighting0040: health :character0050:
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    Entre plantas y peceras, todo un espectáculo visual. Mi enhorabuena. Salud:hi: 2MS
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    Hi, my greenfriends

    wow wow wow:cool0010:, thank you very much guys! :hi: is a pleasure to be in the farm! :rock health!:character0050: 2MS
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    Hi, my greenfriends

    Mace Hi, :hi: I think you know of cannabiscafe can be? :nerd health 2MS :bong-hits:
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    Hi, my greenfriends

    thank you very much to all people for the good reception given to me :cool0010: As I have the lamps lit in a new adventure with cannabis, I write about my culture and projects. :rock without more, a big hug health 2MS:hi:
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    Hi, my greenfriends

    hererisssh thank you very much.:hi: It is a pleasure to be here. :cool0010: health 2MS
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    Hi, my greenfriends

    Hello, I am from Spain. :hi: I am here to learn and contribute all you can about the world of cannabis. a pleasure to be next to you Health 2MS PS: sorry my bad English writing, I use google translator, try to learn English :nerd
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    Sólo tienes que decir "patata"!!!

    Hola, PATATA FRITA :rastadancing: Un placer encontrar gente de habla hispana por este lugar. Aquí vengo para aumentar el bulto.:rauch08: Salud.:hi: 2MS :bong-hits:
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    Buenas, buenas

    Otro más, que se apunta al barco hispanocannabico de este foro. Un Cordial Saludo :hi: 2MS
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