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    Ptsd Diagnosis

    Anyone know of any friendly docs out there that will help you get approved with a PTSD diagnosis? For anyone that has been approved with PTSD. Can you tell me about your experience? Thanks,
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    Organic Tranquil Elepantizer V2 & Docs Og

    Wow! Both look fabulous.
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    Gavita Enhanced 600 Vert?

    Does anyone know if the Gavita Enhanced 600 HPS bulb can be ran vertically (universal)? If not are than any bulbs that will work vert in the Digistar 600e? Thanks
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    CannaVenture Seeds' Purple Berry

    "Scary Lemon Kush" :rauch08:
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    Proper fittings

    4X4 would get 4 plants scrogged under a 1000 blockbuster, but thats just me. We really need details to be able to help you more.
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    Adding Overdrive and BB to my HG nutes

    After seeing all of you guys using Overdrive and Big Bud with great success I have a question. I already have the entire H&G line and was planning on using it but would like to add Overdrive and Big Bud this time around. If I were to add both would I need to drop a couple of the H&G products...
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    fast flowering strains

    Is that the Delicious Seeds Northern Blue ibTheMan?
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    Las Vegas Collectives

    From what I have gathered it is pretty much illegal now to run a dispensary in NV but I have some questions about how it is operating now anyways. Do most of the dispensaries operate as a non profit type collectives like in CA? I have seen a couple of compaines that are legit after looking in to...
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    Still MASHIN' - Under Current 12XLs, Flip-Flop, '91 Chem

    Sweet pic RE. That really made me laugh out loud. It reminds me so much of a good friend of mine that does a new "gangsta" pic for myspace each year when he gets his tax returns lol. Thanks for the laugh
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    Sour Bubble X Train Wreck (S1)?

    Can anyone tell me what the seeds of this cross would be called (F1) (BX) (S1) type names and what to look out for if I am able to produce the seeds?
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    4K Original Diesel RDWC Scrog

    I am running the same 16 4k setup and would like to know about how far each bucket is from each other. Thanks,
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    14KW flip flop build

    I am thinking of doing something real similar so I will being paying attention to this one for sure. You have listed that you need to buy 14 ballasts but if you are using a flip flop you will only need 7 and however many you are going to use for the veg room.
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    >>>>>>Colorado Medical Marijuana Laws are changing<<<<<<

    Does the caregiver 5 patient limit go into effect this July or July 2011? Feijao
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    Jack's Under Current Grow 60 x 1000 watts 20 tons of AC and some CO2

    Patients should be very happy with your hard work brother! Can you please tell us what your lighting configuration will look like. Thanks, Feijao
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    ehole makes the "below current"

    Would it be better to use a shallow 20 gallon tote or one that also held 20 gallons but was quite a bit taller? Also lost are those just uniseals that you are using with that flexpvc?
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    If you were going to use buds instead of bud and mostly trim? What do you think the recipes would be? Have some NLXBB that looks butter worthy.
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    Oh damn, another one...

    Budgood I saw a post of yours about your good doc on another forum and was wondering if you could email me since I cant PM to ask you a question about it. feijao @ Thanks brother,
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    Bio vs. RDWC vs. Under Current

    I have seen a couple UC grows at another site that were pretty impressive. I was just thinking of going with the UC so that I could purchase it and be done with it. I am not against building a RDWC but the 6XL from UC looks pretty nice and after a couple of grows it will of paid for itself (I...
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    Wattage on during veg question

    If I were to do a 1000 or 1200 watt grow in scrog what would be the best number of watts to use during veg? It seems as though most guys use less watts during veg. Do plants require less watts during veg? Thanks,
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    Bio vs. RDWC vs. Under Current

    I am looking to do a hydro grow pretty and was looking for some info on these systems. Pros and Cons of each system would be awesome. I was thinking of either building a RDWC but then after seeing another grow using the UC system I am almost just wanting to spend the extra cash on it...
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