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    Deadhead day 56

    is this one of the auto risk strains?
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    NFL Pre Season Smack Talk Thread

    go Oakland
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    Iranian autoflower (outdoor 2010)

    my tahoe went auto
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    Tahoe OG

    my tahoe went auto
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    Is this OK?

    fo sho rabbi
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    Social Distortion @ the Ogden

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    Sour Aliens

    lookin goood
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    Bud Candy

    thanks guys very helpful
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    Bud Candy

    what do you fellow farmers think of Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy? and is it similar to Humboldt County's Own Snow Storm Ultra?
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    enhancing flavor and aroma

    what are the best additives to help increase aroma and flavor.
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    Alien Bubba

    i just won some of these what are they smelln like?
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    FoxFarm's South Carolina processing plant..

    sooo whats the best?
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