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  1. Dan789

    I have noticed some yellow spots appearing on some leaves

    I reiterate...simpler is better. When you figure this out, you’ll become a better grower. Good growing.
  2. Dan789

    Week 3 of Flower - Yellow Lower Leaves

    With the swamp cooler watch your humidity levels as high humidity and temps to match are a recipe for PM. You don’t want that and you might want to re-think that decision... The plants can survive outdoors over a 100º, with a little shade.
  3. Dan789

    I have noticed some yellow spots appearing on some leaves

    Plant overall looks good, maybe a bit too much nitrogen, but as it’s starting to bloom, that will take care of itself. As for your recipe I have no idea if that’s good or not...maybe check all the respective formula’s making sure you aren’t overdoing the supplements... For a first timer it's...
  4. Dan789

    These ready to harvest?

    Color and fade looking good, you’re certainly close by those yardsticks...
  5. Dan789

    Week 3 of Flower - Yellow Lower Leaves

    Your plants are looking good, and those few leaves that have turned color and died off is normal, as the plant scavenges that energy for bud production. Don’t over feed, do you have ventilation?, and an exchange of air so the environment doesn’t get stale?
  6. Dan789

    Taking over in the middle of a Cluster [email protected]

    Yes, well done, soldier on for a month or so and see how those bud's develop... What are you feeding the plants? That might need examination.
  7. Dan789

    To water or not to water?!

    No clue where your growing, but plants should be going into bloom soon, if not already. Fade is a normal fact during bloom, but the degree depends on many variables. Pictures say volumes...
  8. Dan789

    Please help me verify my Master Kush is ready

    I’d be concerned that bugs are doing something to most of the leaves pictured...that shriveling makes me think something bad is happening. Check under a few of those shriveled leaves with a loop, 20 power at least.
  9. Dan789

    My Disappointing, even PATHETIC Grow!

    Curious why you haven’t grasped yet, that pictures in normal light or flash convey much more useable information?
  10. Dan789

    Is this male preflowers?

    Those don’t appear male.
  11. Dan789

    Cannabis and sex

    The saying goes, “so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it”...comes to mind..😎.
  12. Dan789

    Proper rapid rooter use

    Only thing I'd add is to split the rapid rooter, so the tap root isn't damaged during inserting it into the "rooter"...
  13. Dan789

    Merijuana Sex Weed: Aphrodisiac “Viagra” Marijuana For Erotic Sex

    I think we can all relate to an erotic encounter while stoned, not so sure about any Viagra effect, but willing to admit it's possible. Filed for future investigation...😎
  14. Dan789

    Serious problem, security issue

    Yes, stop tilting at windmills trying to figure out the strain, it’s MJ sativa plant thats about all we can see. Good luck.
  15. Dan789

    Hi older grower... but wow the indoors has improved!

    Who’s old...? Young at heart always; welcome to the farm. 1951 vintage...
  16. Dan789

    broke the main branch of my plant and leaves are curling down (Vegging stage)

    Doesn’t look like anything above the break will make it, give it a few days for confirmation, but seems like that parts a goner.
  17. Dan789

    Just Me

    Yes, Welcome to the farm.
  18. Dan789

    Fabric pots and overflow pans

    I’ve used the spacers as sold by the hydro suppliers, and have used 3/4’ furring strips. The furring strips work somewhat better as there’s less chance of the bag falling off, or tipping off the taller spacers.
  19. Dan789

    How old is this plant? I bought as a clone and didn't ask.

    These plants were outside and moved inside...bugs came in with the plants, just a wild guess. (Mites are a fraction of the size of a grain of salt, so netting alone won’t stop them).
  20. Dan789

    Enough light?

    That brown “growth” seems to me as bud rot, what’s your ventilation in this set up? Every shot the leaves have water on them...that won’’t bee good even in the short term. Get that remedied first.
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