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    No powdery mildew!

    You might want to give this outfit the benefit of the doubt....From the outset, I have to tell ya that I don't have a current PM problem, however, if this product of theirs works like their NO SPIDER MITES product, we're all gonna be in heaven and that's no bullshit! Best of all it's...
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    No spider mites

    I read a testimonial in the current issue of Treating Yourself....sounded impressive and since I had an existing problem with one of my girls I decided to give this stuff a try. My problem with these little bastards isn't killing the adults, it's those damn eggs hatching and having them reek...
  3. J

    Restoring Vigor after Spider Mite attack...

    Got rid of the spider with a fantastic new orgainic product call NO SPIDER MITES...this shit actually lives up to the's pricey but nothing I've tried before works like this...immediate results and they don't come back...unreal... Now I need to get her going again...need some advise...
  4. J

    Extraciton Glass?

    Does anyone have a source or location in the so cal area that sells think glass extraction tubes???? I'm not having any luck finding these.
  5. J

    Aero Cloner lid is leaking...'s not super bad but I can't have any ideas anyone??
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    Aero Cloner...need some additional advise...

    Just got my aero cloner built. Everything works well, however, I need some advise on the nuit solution and the time frame to run it..normally when cloning I'd simply run the light time the same as my veg and that worked well ...still I'd like some feedback from those that have been using aero...
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    Rockwool cubes to coco???

    Can someone please help me...I got a some special clones that were started in rockwell cubes..since then most died, much to my dismay...what is the best way to transfer clones started in rockwool cubes to coco and perlite and have them flurish???????? instead of dying??
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    I need an idea of how much $$$ I'm lookin at...

    To build a 20' X 20' greenhouse that will function well in the SoCal desert. Naturally I'll need a mister and whatever else you think or advise me to use for this coming spring grow...planning on growin some sats that will take the intense sun light and give them some relief with the misters...
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    Got an electrical question...

    I figured this forum was the best to ask this question. I want to MAKE SURE I DON'T HAVE A FIRE.... I have a room serviced by one 20 amp breaker using 10 guage wire from the breaker box. I want to run two 1000 w lights. I haven't tried this yet (currently running two 600s without a...
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    Eliminating Aphids during flowering????

    I'm a good 3 weeks into flowering and found aphids...what is the best way to get rid of these at this stage of flowering>>>>>>>>>>>
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    Male showing pollen sack has lost all his fan leaves..

    Not sure what to do...he's very rare and I do not want to lose him...need some professional advise with this as I haven't run into this one before. To cut to the chase..what are my options? (1) send him back into an aggressive veg cycle and let him get back on track? (2) Cut him and...
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    Got a major air!

    Got a bro of mine that lives in Florida with an outside shed grow. He cannot use a window air conditioner or central air unit to the shed for obvious reasons...he would let the whole world know what he's doin... He's having a hell of a time controlling the heat and the humidity inside the...
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    What exactly are the different cuts of OG?

    My understanding is the original OG strain was clone only. So what exactly are all the differently cuts that are available? How do they come into being? I don't quite understand?
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    The best pot on earth

    This is going to take a minute. Back when I was in Nam ('68-70) a Marine I met "gifted" me a bag of what I what I was told was Vietnamese Black for $30.00. I don't know if it was "passa washed" ( a process of using the left over water used when heroin was "cooked" EXCEPT for most of the...
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    Powdery Mildew

    What do you do when you develope powdery mildew? My understanding is that before the it shows on the leaves it has already permiated the entire plant. Do you have to toss these or what?
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    Hello...I'm a new member.

    Hello,I'm Jonnynu...I used to be a daily participant over at RM's old site. I don't get the time or the opportunity to visit sites such as yours as often as I would like,however, I'm hoping that will change in the near future. Thank you for allowing me to join and jump in once in a while...
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