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    Outdoor watering system

    I couldn't think if a good topic name. What I need is something that will water my plants because I'll be gone for 7 days and the maximum they can go on without water is what 4-5 days anything above that would be hurtful. I need something that I could build. Bear in mind its for the outdoors so...
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    Too late ?

    Yo guys I'm germinating some seeds and I was wandering is it too late for an outdoor ?
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    Helloz ppl could you share some light on the Bubblegum strain I'm curious how tall does it get how well does it yield and would it grow good in just 120cm high box ? My apologize if there is a simillar thread but I have not nocied such
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    Advice on watering in the Hempty bucket

    Yo people ! :cool0010: I would appreciate any info that you could give me on watering in the Hempty bucket, thx !:fighting0040:
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    Security question

    A friend of mine asked me the other day if I knew are cops allowed to just break in at your home like they do in the movies ,or they first warn you ,and even then still need a serious reason to break in to your place ? Would you answer my buddy's question and I'll make sure the answer gets to...
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    CFL vs HPS

    Ok so heres the deal ,I still haven't made up my mind about the light I'll get for my Homebox XL ,now people have told me different things like : buy a 400W hps ,250W hps ,2 CFL one warm and one cold 125W lamps so I was wondering what would be the best to do ? Thanks for the help,appreciate it ...
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    Homebox XS Air conditioning

    Ok guys can you lend me a hand ,my problem is that I don't know how to make the proper air circulation in a Homebox XS for those who don't know its sizes are 60x60x120 all in cm.Id also like to use some kind of filter that sends the marijuana smell away if thats possible. ^^ Ok guys I'll be...
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    Delivery question

    Um just delete this threat really ,its just taking place,thanks.
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    yo !

    just sayin hi ,i find this forum pretty nice ill be postin a pic of my babies soon cause they seem to have a weak stem problem DUNNO i aint the expert ^^ anyway I'm Indi and ill c ya arround
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