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    Hi darksideX!! Greets

    Hi darksideX!! Greets
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    Road to zion

    Hey farmers! Right now not much interesting to see! But soon! Germrate looks promising: 2 of 3 Deep Congo so far nearly 100 & with the chiskei & Jamil sayyida 3 of 4 OGKA & C99 and so on! Hope all grow healthy and I can show ya some pics soon! Greetz
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    Jack The Ripper

    Well:rauch08: Just smoking some JTR. Very gooooood:anim_19: I'M running JTR for years and around my circles, she's no.1. Perhaps we just were lucky and found a great pheno, so can't speak for others. But this one is just fucking great! Good luck everyone! Tolpan
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    Road to zion

    Hey man, great to have ya around! Hope your doing well my friend. We have to meet soon HV, very soon. Hope you're training hard, ya know? Hehehe And yes choose whatever ya want Bro! It's all yours my friend:rock We got to keep on walking, on the road to Zion!
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    Road to zion

    Thanks G,ro:rock Heyheyhey whats up my brotha from anotha motha? ..törööhhöööö... hahahahahahaha Bro ya know the Aliens were my first choice and I hope to make ya proud darksideX. If not I cut my hair, get a fucking emo:emo and I'm going to hate life. Hahahahahaha Damn that silver...
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    Road to zion

    Thanks all! 5 C99 x RKS popped so far:dance
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    Road to zion

    20 Chiskei x Jamil Sayyida 5 x Daniszamanka 5 x Snowdog bx 1 f2 5 Ap11xC99 x LAW 3 x Deep Congo 5 x Orange Sheikh 5 x Lemon Stinky 5 Jackberry x Madonna 5 x Alien Express 4 OGKA x C99 20 CDD x JTR 5 Ap11xC99 x Amnesia Haze 5 Ap11xC99 x Powerhouse 10 C99 x RKS 10 Ap11xC99 x...
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    Road to zion
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    seattle please

    Happy New year fabman! Well ya know Bro, I just watched some old games from the 90ties. If there wasn't MJ. The Sonics and The Suns, man I love Charles Barkley, would have won a title, but damn thats life. Also Scottie Pippen, who was always in the shadow of MJ, but what I am talking about...
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    seattle please

    I miss the good old days. Kemp, Payton, Schrempf, ... Damn, they deserved a ring! cheers
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    taking a break from growing

    Hey Robotchicken! Thanks for the nice words! Sometimes you have to do decissions in life! Family comes first and friends not far behind! I really appreciate your friends request and wish ya a great year 2010 my friend! Tolpan
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    taking a break from growing

    Hey my brothers and sisters! I wasn't online and posting very much lately, because of lots of work and personal stuff. I thought everything has gotten better, but damn it even went much much worser in the last few weeks. I had to shut down everything, give up lots of strains. fuck it was all...
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    --hubcap's house of acoustica--

    3 years ago I was invited to a concert in a very little opera. Only 300 people invited and I had no clue what we will see. the most outstandig guitar performance I have ever seen. John Butler - Ocean
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    --hubcap's house of acoustica--

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    --hubcap's house of acoustica--

    Thanks so much hubcap! Great great respect! Outstanding music! Love ya:hi NNEKA - FOCUS NNEKA - COME WITH ME
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    Tolpans "Happy Brothers"

    Hi everybody:cool0044: of to the second round:rofl day 28 pheno 3
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    Tahoe Og from seed..

    Fine fine Bro!:banana:
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    heres what chucky is growing

    Hell yeah chucky, what a list to choose from! Ho ya like the jilly bean? I have a pack and I'm thinking of starting some! What ya think? Best vibes Tolpan
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    Welcome back medic! Good luck for all your plans! Cheerio
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    Ending of a stage

    It was a pleasure to have ya around and I hope to keep in contact. I will grow chiskei and a few other crosses with it next year outdoors. Thanks for bringing those landraces out. Much respect to all involved. All the best wishes and vibes to you:sun2: Greets Tolpan
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