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  1. Cattapilla

    Capt's Farms is going for it

    I really hope you get a job, and the timing of the food stamps couldn't have been better! Here's to your luck rebounding! 🍻
  2. Cattapilla

    Diesels Dog House

    The chaos of success!
  3. Cattapilla

    Banana Kush, Tangerine Dream & Alaskan Purple

    Hi Guys, this is my tiny tent at 44 days in flower. Wedding cake is on the left, Blacklight x Bubba on right, with BOO x Bubba in the back. BOO is a week and a half younger than the other two. The tent smells great. I had to stake and tie the Wedding Cake because the weight of the branches was...
  4. Cattapilla

    Capt's Farms is going for it

    Welcome back, Cap't!
  5. Cattapilla

    Capt's Farms is going for it

    Morning Cap't! Have a great day.
  6. Cattapilla

    MC`s Forest Adventure

    What a beautiful nursery!
  7. Cattapilla

    Tangie auto 9wks from germ

    Did you tweak her at all?
  8. Cattapilla

    MC`s Forest Adventure

    Amazing bonsai weed.
  9. Cattapilla

    Dragons Flame Genetics 2020 and beyond...

    @sportyridr I would also like to run Missie's Strain some day. It's description seems perfect for me!
  10. Cattapilla

    Banana Kush, Tangerine Dream & Alaskan Purple

    Hi guys! Day 36 of flower for the girls inside. Using PureGrow, Flower Fuel, Calmag. This grow is so much better than my previous because I've learned they can take twice as much of everything, including water! In the back, BooBa (pre98 Bubba & BOO), front left is Wedding Cake, front right is...
  11. Cattapilla

    Ansel Adams Hydro Adventures Journal

    Plants look great! So happy you are feeling better. Cheers!
  12. Cattapilla

    Capt's Farms is going for it

    Get a hammock, roll in, roll out, and hook up so the dog's don't take it over. At least you'll be off the ground. 🏴‍☠️
  13. Cattapilla

    Capt's Farms is going for it

    Morning, Cap't! Send rain to mid California, you know how our fires get out of control here! 💙
  14. Cattapilla

    Lets see your 2020 Outdoor Plants!

    @Greatlakes You really are going to lose your girl out in those weeds this season, for sure. Only fingers are left!
  15. Cattapilla

    I get my new dog(Belgian Malinois Shepherd)!!!

    Otto! It will confuse everyone.
  16. Cattapilla


    What an awesome looking setup.
  17. Cattapilla

    10 years grower

  18. Cattapilla

    Huge learning curve coming, setting up my weekend home in the Yoop!

    Welcome! Be sure and post your adventures in a grow journal so we can -root- for you!
  19. Cattapilla

    Hi all y'all. First gro in ten years.

    This place is great to have conversations with! That is the most green I have ever seen! Hemp, you say? Beautiful!
  20. Cattapilla

    Just a quick hello

    Welcome to the farm!
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