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    Wet Trim and Cannabutter?

    Hi there! I’m finally cutting down my first female plant (yay!) and I’m interested in integrating the cuttings into butter. I’ve read a lot about the process, but it all seems to begin with trimmings taken out of the freezer. Is it possible to prep FRESH sugar leaf trimmings and “popcorn buds”...
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    Trichomes Not Changing

    Hi there! This post will be filled with vague info, so I apologize. This plant has been in flower for quite a while, though I can’t remember how long, and I don’t know the strain. However, the trichomes aren’t changing to amber. I’m using a 45x microscope to check. Any thoughts? Edit to add: my...
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    How are we lookin’?

    Hi there! This is my second plant. The first turned out to me male, so I collected the pollen. This is a different strain, but I don’t know the sex yet. I moved it outdoors about 2 weeks ago, and just put it in a 10 gallon pot yesterday. Looking for any tips/feedback/advice :) I live in...
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    New Grower Looking for Sexing Help

    Hi there!! I am brand new to growing Cannabis. I love gardening and found a seed in with buds I bought from a local shop, so I planted it, and here I am! This plant is small, I know, because I’ve done a lot of tests on it with soil, cloning, cropping, etc. Essentially, it’s just a tester plant...
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