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    Uk Compost Choice

    Hello, I made a bad compost choice (it was hot) in my first UK indoor grow and I don't want to repeat the error. This time I'm thinking of growing in John Innes seed sowing compost ( and Perlite. The composted is...
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    Is This Nute Burn?

    Can anyone confirm if the following images show nute burn? If so which nute, is it N? These are White Label Northern Lights autos at week 5. They are grown in a mix of about 50/50 or 30/70 enriched compost/potting soil. I'm thinking the soil is just a bit too hot for them. The plants have...
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    Leaf Edges Starting To Turn Yellow

    Hello, I have a Shiva Skunk auto at 5 weeks old. The plant is generally looking healthy, but over the last two or three days I noticed that a small number of leaves (2 or 3) have started to show much paler edges. It's growing in fairly rich compost (it's about 2/3 plain potting compost and 1/3...
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    Hello From The Uk

    Hello All! I'm new to the site. Did my first grow back in 2007: Early Misty outdoors. Then restarted again around 2015, when I switched to indoor. I grow autos in a small 2'x2' tent.
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    What Are These Small "burned" Patches?

    Hello, I am on my fourth grow. Generally I'm happy with the progress, but I see some odd burned patches on the older leaves of one plant and this is giving me cause for concern. Things are as follows: * Plants: 3x Northern Lights autos and a 1x Shiva Skunk auto. 2.5 weeks old * Medium: ~6L...
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