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  1. kes54800

    June Photo Of The Month

    Just a little cheese plant in a #5 pot under a 400watt hps :cool::cool::cool:
  2. kes54800

    Fresh Run. Fresh Room

    I'll try. Kinda can't jump back into things just yet, still have Shit hanging over my head. Just gonna aquire as much gear and knowledge as I can in the meantime. @kds710 is my hands for now. Lol I'll be around though...checking up on you.
  3. kes54800

    Fresh Run. Fresh Room

    He did and thank you so much. Your a true friend
  4. kes54800

    Why Do Things Like This Happen???

    agree. life is very short and fragile. enjoy it while were regrets!! here today gone tomorrow god bless KeS
  5. kes54800

    My Plant Is Now Needed

    looks fine. sometimes less is more... they really dont need tons of attention
  6. kes54800

    Sub Rosa Garden's "operation Blackbird"

    very nice. Always had fire from Tre Farmer. Sub Rosa Gardens is where its at for real... KeS
  7. kes54800

    Which awesome movies have you watched recently?

    A few movies ive seen since I got home ... The Equalizer, American Sniper, John Wick, Lucy , and Fury. Thought American Sniper and The Equalizer were good. KeS
  8. kes54800

    Sour Bubble Grow 2015

    I believe it was a ph issue. 8.5 is a bit high. Bet that flush should help big time. Keep us updated KeS
  9. kes54800

    Where did all the psychedelic strains go?

    hey @nightmarecreature PM me bro KeS
  10. kes54800

    501st Og Grow

    sweet. Figured it was a ph problem. awesome news. KeS
  11. kes54800

    501st Og Grow

    Pics looks good to me. No more claw? Even that tall fucker? That's great news. Would love to check them out....fucking GPS sucks KeS
  12. kes54800

    501st Og Grow

    Looking good bro!
  13. kes54800

    March Potm

    Voting purpose
  14. kes54800

    Sour Bubble Grow 2015

    check the run off PH. 85*F is a bit high for my liking but its def not to hot to affect plants like the leaf claw u got going. But over watering and over feeding can give your girls "the claw" so can high temps. I don't notice any nute burn so that looks in check from the pics. Usually with a...
  15. kes54800

    KES5480's Test Grow: Electric Larry Land

    those are good recent pics bro. but I had a sick test grow posted here before from my first grow spot;)in the anyways they were all lost when the farm switched servers or but life goes on. Good job on those bad Larry's:D KeS
  16. kes54800

    Critical Kush Grow Journal (barneys Farm Seeds)

    Great thread bro. Keep it up
  17. kes54800

    Cannabis And Cannabis Extracts: Greater Than The Sum Of Their Parts?

    Until the U.S. federal government removes marijuana from the scheduled 1 narcotic list there is limited studies done by only private labs(U.S). Once removed from that list it would be recognized as having medicinal properties and studies and experiments will be federally funded.:) Some day. I...
  18. kes54800

    What Would Be The Best Strain On The Bay To Grow For Clubs....

    So anyone else have some input for mauiinfinity? He's asking us for help. Peace KeS
  19. kes54800

    Animal Cookies, Green Love Potion, Critical Kush, & Critical Cheese

    any updates? really interested in the animal cookies.
  20. kes54800

    Got Raided. 24 Ounces And 100 Plants. How Screwed Am I?

    feel for u bro...:( :mad:fuck the police! just let us be...were not harming a soul. the criminal justice system is a huge business...a very profitable one... its very discouraging knowing about some of these laws and how they do absolutely nothing to protect anyone, just in place to charge...
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