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  1. JWM2

    SF 2000 light review by One Drop .

    Biggest thing is get that humidity down some.
  2. JWM2

    SF 2000 light review by One Drop .

    Dr.meter LX1330B Digital Illuminance/Light Meter, 0-200,000 Lux Luxmeter This is the one I use. The one you posted will be just fine though. I like this one because the meter is separate from the Eye which makes it a little...
  3. JWM2

    First time indoor growing -is this a good beginner light?

    It really depends. It’s not better per se but it is sufficient. HPS and HID lighting in general require more temp control as they tend to put off a lot of extra heat. However if you’re looking to grow autos it actually might be your best bet. However instead of HPS I’d recommend cMH instead as...
  4. JWM2

    SF 2000 light review by One Drop .

    Seems like you’re having a low VPD issue here. Also you may want to invest in a cheap light meter. The reason I say this is because it’s easy to burn plants with LEDs if they are too close or turned up too high. It’s also easy to waste electricity if the light is too far away. With a light meter...
  5. JWM2

    Leaf tips clawing, yellowing tips and edges

    If the problem starts at the top of the plant it’s an immobile nutrient deficiency. If the problem starts at the bottom it’s a mobile nutrient deficiency. Immobile nutrients are often referred to as micro nutrients and mobile nutrients are sometimes referred to as macro nutrients. Light and...
  6. JWM2

    Average gram per watt question

    It’s hard to increase your yield by that much without making drastic changes to your setup. Even though you may have made mistakes along the way it’s doubtful they had a huge impact on the overall yield. I’d expect maybe a 10-15% increase if done right. By changes I mean high efficiency LEDs...
  7. JWM2

    Alien Genetics

    What are you needing for them?
  8. JWM2

    Tired of shitty genetics -SOS

    Seedsherenow, greatlakesgenetics, dcseedsexchange Seedsman used to be really good but lately I’ve had orders that took over a month to get delivered. Never had this issue with the above three companies. The above three usually deliver within a week of placing the order. Imo research is your...
  9. JWM2

    SF 2000 light review by One Drop .

    8.2-8.9 VPD? You mean 1.2-1.9? Even so that’s a very wide range. I’m hoping your getting those numbers in different stages of your grow and not all in one stage throughout the day.
  10. JWM2

    Male got pass me is it too late to save the rest

    Might want to invest in some glasses. I use reading glasses with a 1.5x magnification. I was actually thinking of getting some that are stronger so I can see pests easier. Just a thought.
  11. JWM2

    Cookies n' Cream Grow - Novice Grower

    Purpling is normal with this strain. Here’s one I grew out last year. One thing to watch out for is bananas or hermies. This strain is very sensitive and even in ideal conditions it can throw a few naners. If it happens in mid to late flower it’s not a big deal as you can pluck them off and keep...
  12. JWM2

    I am great at smoking but not so great at growing.

    Our hive has found a queen!
  13. JWM2

    When to use epsom salts in your grow?

    I use Epsom salts as needed. I sometimes use it as a soil mix-in when transplanting and top dressing when I feel they need a decent boost. It’s pretty forgiving.
  14. JWM2

    G Hydro carbon filters...anyone have any experience?

    A ton would last ya a while ;-) Used to be able to just buy refill carbon but now I think you would have to get aquarium carbon/charcoal. You can also burn off the residue on your existing Carbon you just have to be careful not to catch it on fire. Oldskool said he uses a propane torch to do this.
  15. JWM2

    G Hydro carbon filters...anyone have any experience?

    Yeah years ago I had a carbon filter that had screws holding it together so you could easily dump out the existing carbon and replace it with Virgin carbon.
  16. JWM2

    Why are my leaves turning yellow?

    It’s common. Nothing to worry about. The plant is mobilizing the stored nitrogen in the leaves during flowering. It’s actually an indicator your plant is healthy. If the leaves were splotchy then you’d have other issues to worry about such as a deficiency. You could always hit them with some...
  17. JWM2

    Adding an Extra LED Board to HLG fixture?

    @Buzzer777 @Buzzer7777 @Aqua Man Curious about something. I’ve got the HLG 260 XL kit fixture and it’s got two quantum boards on a heatsink that can hold three quantum boards. Can I add a third without changing out the current driver? The reason I’d like to do this is I’d like to spread out...
  18. JWM2

    How far into flower should I follow vpd?

    You need a much higher VPD. I’d lower your RH. VPD should be followed through the entire grow however each stage of the grow requires a different VPD. In flower you need a higher VPD, in veg you need a lower VPD. I like 1.2 to be the minimum in veg and 1.4 to be the minimum in flowering. 1.4-1.6...
  19. JWM2

    Persistant hermie issue - not light leak related

    Stress induced most likely. Sometimes it’s just genetics but since your buddies don’t have an issue then the only other culprit would be stress.
  20. JWM2

    G Hydro carbon filters...anyone have any experience?

    I was going to order one but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Judging by reviews I’d assume it’s as good as any other. I just wish they’d make these so you can change out the carbon easily. Would save a lot of sheet metal from ending up in the dump.
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