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    Super Purple Strains

    erdpurt is really ornamental nice and with a good earthy\spicy taste and is good potent
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    very nice show! any smoke impressions yet?
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    checking in, any news?
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    Looking for 3 Happy Brother BX1 Testers

    expect only the absolut best from karmas happy brother!
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    Nice place!!

    hey my bro!
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    news from mel:
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    Hey Now!!

    high scrappy!
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    Sun shines on the Hill.......Med garden Journal

    speachless! nice but to! happy cows!
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    Mold Quote: Amistar fungicide available from Syngenta Amistar, available from Syngenta , contains azoxystrobin, a member of the strobilurin class of fungicides (Group K), which has an ideal mode of action that inhibits mitochondrial respiration...
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    TGA meets California Sunshine

    wonderful crazy stuff, have to visit you guys before i go for shure!
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    thx for info flyingfish! im shure csc will be back on track real soon. i have been real happy about the site and i meet a lot of super dudes there.
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    seems to be down for days now. anyone knows what happens?
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    im trying the product "amistar" this season. should prevent different kinds of mold.
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    Checkin' it out

    hello monk bro!
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    The Doctor is in...

    welcome doc!
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    Sun shines on the Hill.......Med garden Journal

    this made my day bro! cant believe i didnt see this before. high respect! next life im born at that spot! this is making me very happy to watch, hehe. somehow reminds me on something!
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    checkin in

    lil moods from a lil spot
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    Resinryder checking in

    hey bro, good to see you!
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    old raco

    ola raco!
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    hallo Karma Genetics coming on board.....

    good to have you here my friend! love your happy brother, it should become a star!
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