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    COMPETITION!!! Loompa's Challenge

    What's up guys, everyone's shit is looking wicked. Have a question, what's safest way to upload pics from mobile, if there is one. I have 2 yeti f3s about 43 days in bloom, would love to show them off. They stretched like a mofo on me, one is 5 ft tall in 2 gallon of
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    Hightimes cup in flint?

    Is it okay for non med patients from a non med state to show up and party?
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    COMPETITION!!! Loompa's Challenge

    Great idea loompa, have 3 yeti f3 at 4 nodes high as we speak. I hoping for great things.
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    Testimonials For Caps Bennies

    @Capulator, I just wanna say wow! I've been using your product for a while and love it. Ran out of biowar Friday night and ordered Sunday night, holy shit it was in my mailbox today. That is some killer customer service you guys have going, I'm on the east coast too. Keep up the good work and...
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    Green Dot Labs Loompa Farms Grows

    Nice nugs bro! I planted 4 yeti f3 Sunday night, have 4 Lil helmet heads above ground now....can't wait, hope mine are as dank looking as yours.
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    May Drop

    My yeti and moondawgs just arrived. Big thanks @loompa, @Oom pah pah, @logic....appreciate all your hard work. Have some yeti soaking now.
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    Bean crackalacka foo!

    Mota, did u ever find anything in those sweet tooth bx we traded back in the day?
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    Magic Flight Launch Box Video Review

    Thanks for the review, pretty sweet lil gizmo. I think I'm gonna pull my old vape out for a couple tokes, u inspired me.
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    Green Dot Labs Loompa Farms Grows

    That shit blows my mind how you guys do these concentrates. Absolutely incredible looking.
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    Reusing Coco question please help.

    Dude, I have seedlings stretch all the time. Have a few paper clips bent up like mini halo supports, works like a charm for me.
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    Reusing Coco question please help.

    Personally, I would use the stuff you just trashed. I've ran plenty of used coco before, just pulling the big strands of roots out and nothing else. Never gave me any problems, but that's just my experience, good luck.
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    happy memorial day everyone

    Back at ya bro, good post. Vets don't get enough props.
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    waaynes Loompa Farms thread

    That's straight fire bro, awesome job.
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    That's some nice bud porn. Thanks for sharing.
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    Man, that looks and sounds nice. I seen a few packs of these up on another site, but waited to long.
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    Loompa Headband aka Underdawg OG Whats real, whats not

    I am so pumped to finally get a chance to run the yeti f3. Needing some new genetics in the garden.
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    FPOG F2 (Fruity Pebbels OG)

    Very nice girls...I'm jealous
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    Alien Genetics Fruity Pebble OG

    Gorgeous fpog...always wanted to try her out. Got 2 alien grapevine seedlings bout 4 nodes high at the moment.
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    May Drop

    Finally spotted the yeti. Thanks loompa farms and logic... respect
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    May Drop

    Not to feel like a dumbass, but what time is that for eastern time zone? Thanks again.
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