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    I'm stuck about a good bloom booster

    hell yea
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    Buds all Crusty looking problem?

    they look good to me bra just a little over pushed on the ppm maybe ... i know yer numbers are good but the casey i did was not a huge feeder..(im sure u know that) are u mostly just talking about the tips...
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    303 Grow

    or dry em in da bush in 1 canvas tent bra.....with one heata
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    303 Grow

    chainsaw and a mule to carry the fucker out bra!
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    WARNING! Fake weed not so good!

    ok so what was in the toxicoligy report ? what chemical ? what caused the coma? what other complications is he having ...? heart trouble ? hmmm becasue to my knowledge it cant be tested for ...and the doctor saying that it was from said chemical is speculation on his part .... really...
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    WARNING! Fake weed not so good!

    i just dont believe you .... its a synthetic thc molicule that is not covered by the analog act ...."designer drug" its super common ... i have seen hundreds of people smoke that shit .. and for all i know u work for wizard weed ..... its a good product for people who are in the...
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    WARNING! Fake weed not so good!

    so op how long have u been a trole for ...? do u always write &%[email protected] like this and people yeah they do they fall for it nice try trolio englacias pix or it didnt happen ........ i have seen hundreds of people smoke that shit .... im not saying u should but its been on the market for a...
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    Warning Santa Cruz Locals!!!

    this popcorn needs real butter
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    Warning Santa Cruz Locals!!!

    if bodhi says its all good its all good ............
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    Nigerian t haze outdoor grow

    yeah boy gottem in da jar ! congrats again jj;s haze is the shits and sstreets u rocked it sd style
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    Reeferman's Hao Boc

    if big bag says they got zapped they got zapped .... bbag is way cool anyone who gets cross with him is a buster . big bag carrier pidgeons can fly about 900 miles without rest in a day ... so looks like that option is out. i have used them before they can carry 2.5 ounces ... to the...
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    who makes the best COMBO METER

    shindigen was nice i think they dont market to growers now
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    Nigerian X NL/Haze Outdoor

    oh hell yeah ........
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    Any Farmers in Cuba?

    viva la revolution! and yeah i just want to see the beautiful country and people of cuba man its all good jolly green ....
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    Any Farmers in Cuba?

    yeah hash in the butttttt.... be carful what u wrap it with most plastics will still soak up moisture(and bacteria) ..... make the lady carry it in her suitcase (the one she was born with ) so much cleaner than the ass ... ahhaah whatever guys i gets high and i will do anything to get it...
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    La eme fire og

    it is good advise south streets .... ..
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    La eme fire og

    thats not it homey ... its 2 pointy ... and the way the nugs are formed it dont look like it ,,,................. lets see a pic of it in veg ... can tell by the leaf structure ... it does this leaf curl thing like a rams horn at the bract when its really happy in veg ...never seen anything else...
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    Any Farmers in Cuba?

    other cubans i know see things different ........ and love the fucker ... they still live there tho . many of the cubans in fla i know feel like u ...... its not a one sided deal. my cuban friends would argue he kept cuba cuban. if your looking for pot in rico or any country with...
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    Systemic Powdery Mildew Fungicide?

    actinovate ..
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    DIY Fan Muffler

    nice install man i love the silver shite 2 if you run at least 10' of insulated ducting before and after the fan is a huge help as well .. you can build an enclosure around the elicent (they can take getting hot better thean the rest ) ... a friend who does range hood installs for resturant...
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