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  1. wobbly goblin

    Looking For A Cls System

    before you buy need to figure out what exactly you want to make and how much you want to make at one time also be aware that butane will escape from every fucking place it can and in the real world there are a lot of places(recovery pumps have been my bane) btw, quit looking at...
  2. wobbly goblin

    Subcool/norstar Partnership?

    he's always been a turd some folks tried to clean up his image awhile back but that old adage no matter how hard you just can't polish a turd
  3. wobbly goblin

    welcome to the jungle it gets worse here every day...

    working like a dog eh? good to see you are still plunking along fwiw
  4. wobbly goblin

    How Can I Boost Cbd Levels?

    twerkle has it right it's all in the genetics every seed is a different genotype just like every kid is different, phenotype is just it's enviroment pastor, your way the fuck out in left field dude can do a leaf test on your seedlings at 6 weeks...wont tell you finished numbers but it...
  5. wobbly goblin

    Cbd Extraction

    i do a lot of cbd in the cls then distill it for purity the op stated it was 4-6% cbd and 0.3% thc fyi,cannabis creates cbg in small amounts then enzymes like thc synthase or cbd synthase convert the cbg into thca or cbda,the acid forms and while doing so uses up most all of the existing cbg...
  6. wobbly goblin

    Cbd Extraction

    jonny has 102 candy bars and he eats 98 of them, now what does jonny have? jonny has diabetes, thats what jonny has now if you have 100 grams at 4-6% and you extract it all? you would have 4-6 grams fwiw
  7. wobbly goblin

    Anybody Have Success With Rick Simpson Oil On Cancer ??????????

    from my understanding thc is the primary anti cancer element and the extra component that rso still has are triterpenes that also help to mitigate the cancer growth when distilling, the triterpenes will be in the sludge that is left behind as they are c30 molecules(the cannabinoids are c22...
  8. wobbly goblin

    Transdermal Patch

    thx for the input pm just a footnote on the safflower oil it comes two ways depending on how it's processed high in monounsaturated fat and the other type is high in polyunsaturated fat the high mono is oleic aka omega 6 the high poly is linoleic aka omega 9 the high poly is harder to find and...
  9. wobbly goblin

    Transdermal Patch

    Long Chain Silicone Polymer Blend [SSA substituted PDMS*], -----is the band aid (9Z)-Octadec-9-enoic acid [Oleic Acid ---is omega 9 or in laymens term---safflower oil fwiw
  10. wobbly goblin

    Vietnam Black

    plenty of real vb seeds out there i have a pint of green versions and a pint of black versions in a freezer billygoat got his seeds from fet fet got his from imports to Australia in the 60's and early 70's i read a lot of people want them but i think they want the name more then the genetics...
  11. wobbly goblin

    Screwed By Family

    adverse possession and in some states like idaho there are the fence line laws fwiw
  12. wobbly goblin

    Distillate...... Thoughts

    cool...i have a masters in bs so i can bs you on most subjects :) seriously.. if you do decide to go with a short path head setup..make sure your mantle has a magnetic stir bar to control bumping and pid temp control..1 liter size is perfect and will run about 6 bones and is worth every...
  13. wobbly goblin

    Distillate...... Thoughts

    i see a lot of folks using that setup in the video but imo.... that way is a time sucking pita if you are going to start from scratch... build a kugelrohr type distiller from a counter top oven and wire in a pid controller so that you can be doing other shit besides baby sitting your equipment fwiw
  14. wobbly goblin

    Distillate...... Thoughts

    i would distill it kinda surprised you are not doing it yourself yet typically distillate when run by someone competent will be in 90-95% range make sure it gets dewaxed/winterized first though fwiw
  15. wobbly goblin

    Curmudgeonland...home Of The Old Farts Club

    the older you get = the total of folks you know that are no longer with us increases proportionately if you are the oldest left = you win because none of us are getting out alive fwiw
  16. wobbly goblin

    Cancer Survivor Wanting To Start First Grow i believe your mag issue is due to your ph range with that medium with a saturated soil less..i've found that a ph of 5.3 seems to give better results good luck with it fwiw
  17. wobbly goblin

    Cali Legal!!! Wtf We Do Now

    good produce does sell 1 lb easy 50 lb a bit harder 1000 lbs a lot harder what happens when you have 50,000 folks producing 20,000 lbs each of good product? and? another 20 states go legal with 10,000 per state thinking sinsemillionair? sounds to me like a lot of folks are going to lose their...
  18. wobbly goblin

    Cali Legal!!! Wtf We Do Now

    when i read threads like this, it makes me wonder..where the hell they plan on selling all this weed they would grow..especially when there are literally thousands or tens of thousands of other individuals with the same plan...and that is just in cali
  19. wobbly goblin

    welcome to the jungle it gets worse here every day...

    ahh, ok those are vape pens i was thinking you had some new fangled suppositories
  20. wobbly goblin

    Rso For Breast Cancer

    this post put a big smile on my face take care of yourself tina fwiw
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