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    Environmental Controllers that run 220 equipment???

    I've looked and cannot find an environmental controller to run a 220v AC unit. The only thing I can figure out is to have an electrician build me a relay (similar to a light relay except with only one outlet) and plug the trigger cable into a regular environmental controller. I don't see why...
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    Jury Duty

    So, I was called for jury duty. The guy on trial was an old black man, for heroin possession. During the selection process, in front of a courtroom full of potential jurors, cops, lawyers and obviously the judge, they ask everyone a series of question to determine eligibility. The judge asked if...
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    Grower Olympics??

    So, a friend and I where joking around awhile ago, and had this brilliant idea about having a grower's olympics. There would be a 100 yard dash with a wheel barrow full of dirt, the fastest trimmer, shovel basketball (only using shovels, no hands, it's actually fun and dangerous at the same...
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    What skills does growing really take?

    So, I wanted to start a thread showing all the different skills it takes to build rooms, grow, sell, deal with police, deal with the public, get the picture. Most of you already know what it takes, but it should be fun to see what other's have to say and maybe a newcomber can learn a...
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    Happy Chem?

    Hi, I have a few of your genetics. The happy brother and the happy chem. Is the happy chem, happy brother backcrossed to the chem father? Thank you!
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    Just wanted to say hi to everyone. Just found this site, it looks pretty cool.
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