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    Ogr grow

    so far so good...
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    Alien Dog Bushes

    Looking sweet bro..
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    Raskal's OG!

    I know!!! dam you had them going' you didnt and then they were gone..
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    Purple Kush harvest

    Yea Man well done! loving all ur grows!....good job
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    Blackwater & Julius Ceasar Test Grow

    Just got my JC today!!! THanks cc and logic for the opportunity..cant wait to start them
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    D-KING is listed now For an easy $60....get em!!! i got mines way back... peace ROotZ
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    welcome to the farm...bless
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    the white clones!!!

    Can u really ask where 2 get cuts here?? Kinda crazy. I say if u don't know any1 try 2 score some beans and find a keeper..
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    All cali connection grow coming up..

    Looking good JACK!!sweet
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    afgooey X's..?

    I agree bodhi's afgooey crosses are off the chain currently i have his afgooey x lemon thai in full bloom! big yielder smells wonderful.......:smiley_joint: so if you can get ur hands on any afgooey or crosses i suggest you grab em its worth it as far as my eyes can c....
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    Ken's Cut of Grandaddy Purple

    kens is the original...
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    wheers the king of candyland?

    same here
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    Leave sssdh as is...
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    Lemon Larry Og Kush by the Manic

    sounds dankity dank...
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    Reeferman Romulan

    Need 2 pop my reef rom
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    Magic Merlin

    got some going now cant wait to puff on some...
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    London Fog

    Will these b available at the farm sonic anytime soon..
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    Double bubble doja!

    Will these be around anytime soon at the farm.???:afroweed:
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    New beans!

    Got some old work of motas sour turbo and GBWf4(g13 x black widow f4) all bomb smoke...cant wait to re-up on some more mota....peace
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    Super Silver Haze...

    yeah gotta get a pack...
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