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    My gear arrived!

    Hey Mike: curious if you received any Freebies with you order? This is the first time I haven't gotten any. No big deal as it's freebies and I consider them a bonus, but I actually promised mine to a friend and then didn't get any. Normally I give them away to friends, so it's really no bog...
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    My gear arrived!

    Hey Metadoneth: Just to follow up, relists were posted today so if you haven't heard from Logic yet, he likely never got your money. The reason he expressly says send it EMI is that's the ONLY option that will get to him. Although I can't say for certain, I highly doubt Logic will ever get...
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    Concealed Weapons and mmj

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    Senate Bill 377 STEALING OUR RIGHTS!

    Sad to see this. All the people out there who abuse extremely harmful drugs, and here we are trying to medicate with something natural, and this is what happens. But I'm not one to take down others in pursuit of my own cause. Kinda been that way in politics lately with the Union busting...
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    Competition 2 - Name that strain

    1. H.A. O.G x ECSD = Joyride; Freeride; One-Percenter; International Incident. 2. Snowdawg x ECSD = Blizzard of '93; Sour Snowfall; Yellow Snow(don't eat it!); Sour Patch Kids. 3. Chem Sis x ECSD = Snooki? 4. Amnesia Haze x ECSD = Psychosis; Alzheimers. 5. UK Cheese x ECSD =...
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    Baba baba bammmmmmmmmmm

    Congrats to those who scored some packs. Even though that stock is a year old, OGR's beans are always big and healthy. I'm sure they'll still be plenty viable. But you guys gotta help me out. I've been growing and following OGR for a while now(albeit from the Midwest), but I have never heard...
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    Blueberry OG (Pestilence x Heirloom DJSBB)

    Care to share where you scored these? Are they testers? Just curious where I can find some for myself. lol. Can't wait to see where this one goes. Good luck! -DrD.
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    Malodorous Among Us

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    Testing Motarebel Genetics Bootlegger, Radiation Red, and Twisted Skunk

    D9: Can't wait to see how this goes! And question for you and Mota....Does the Bootlegger differ at all from the Grendel F2's I've seen floating around? I heard that was also G13/HP x Triple BMS? Maybe I've seen it mislabeled? Also, what's the heritage on the Lumbo Red? All of these...
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    feminized casey jones seeds ready to send in

    I'm down with the Casey for sure, and definitely have interest in the GDP lines too depending on what pops up. Thanks C420! -DrD.
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    PE X Headband

    Nice work Hazeman! Unfortunately I balked on the Loompa's Headband b/c at the time I was relatively new to these parts, so I was feeling things out and seeing what was what. So pissed that I missed out, as the HB and all the crosses that were made were some serious smoke! Can't wait to see...
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    HP13 x Wraith Test Grow

    hey Shady and Co.......I don't want to talk badly about Green Lantern b/c I have no experience growing their genes. But I have definitely heard from a number of my friends that their recent stuff has had major germ. issues, aside from the fact that the post man managed to crush lots of them...
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    Status updates

    I'm not sure if I had a dream about this or not, but I was pretty sure Logic had a specific post(which isn't here anymore as of at least 12 hours ago) that said it would be this weekend. Since I don't see that post anymore, I'm guessing he may have delayed it? Just speculation, so no excuses...
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    Upcoming Projects from Green Lantern....

    haha. What he said ^
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    New Strains Released from Delta-9 Labs!!!

    So both of these strains(Simpson and Merkabah) come from there Kandahar Afghani breeding program. Merkabah is SFV OG x K. Afghani, and Simpson is Fruit of The Gods x K. Afghani. And Simpson: The Simpson Kush is a cross between the legendary and finest of the OG Kush lines, the SFV(San...
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    New Strains Released from Delta-9 Labs!!!

    I just saw these while browsing on another seedbank site. Hre is description of Merkabah: The Merkabah is one of the two newest strains from Delta-9 Labs that has been in development for the past 2 years and is well deserving of it's name due to the tremendous risks that the strain went...
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    Tester. Kandahar X Emerald triangle.

    I can atest that those are indeed D-9 genes, as I also got some from Logic. Mine we're thrown in as freebies, and were Kandahar x Super Star. So obviously they were testing out their various Kandahar Afghani crosses, and the dude who called you out WASN'T 999% sure about anything! -Dr.D.
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    *** TopDawg Seeds - Guava #13 ***

    Did you only have 1 plant going? I didn't realize that I guess. But There are plenty more good things to be found in that pack. Good luck! -DrD.
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    Just like clockwork...

    I've been hawking for some relists to be posted for like a week now. Guessing that people were smart enough to pay up, cause we should have seen re-lists by now if there were any. Oh well, I'll wait for the next one. Enjoy those genes, Smokey! -DrD.
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    LATimes - The secret life of pot growers

    SeaMaiden: I agree with you that we all have a First Amendment right. It's just unfortunate that the LA Times picks up on these stories and chooses not to give equal face time to positive ones. It's irresponsible journalism(by LAT, not SHB) at it's finest. The only problem I have with...
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