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  1. djstiks

    Vortex Brewer

    what happen to the DIY vortex brewer plans thread?
  2. djstiks

    BHO with old trim

    does old trim affect the texture and color of the wax? i got some trim about a year old sitting in a 5 gallon bucket.
  3. djstiks

    White Fire, White Bubba, Fire Alien, & White Erkle....

    just pulled these out of the vault... will be popping them real soon. stay tuned.
  4. djstiks

    Hydrofarm Radiant 6 or Sun System XXXL Magnum

    looking to upgrade.... what would you use and why?
  5. djstiks

    OG X (dried nug shots)

    bag seed weed. was told it was an OG X. wat cha think???
  6. djstiks

    White Bubba Kush

    waitin' on these for delivery. what can i expect from this strain? how many days? stretch? yield?
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