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    Concern about cool air being pulled into grow tent

    You're better off using some of your mommas lamps instead of that thing. You spent the money on a tent now go buy a 600w-1000w aircooled hps or mh/hps switchable light , inline fan, temp stat ,ducting, might end up needing a dehumidifier and a/c
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    What's the future hold?

    Motarebel is the Mota - Rebel ! Happy to see you back in full swing , may 09' be the best yr for you so far.... CC
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    A look back at some of 08'

    Hey Rev, yeah moving sucks, really sucks when its just you , the old lady and 2 lil ones, so basiclly just you moving ,lol sadly no I didnt flower out the s99 males, I really wanted to cross them to the urkle and bubba but just couldnt do it now , hopefully I'll be able to make some...
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    A look back at some of 08'

    thanks otto , the 6'4 bubba yielded either 10oz 22g or 12oz 12g , I'll have to check post at other sites I did during harvest. the rest are pix of swt1.1 , sweetblue, blue sat2.2 , killerkrystals , sweet purple , urkle , and a few more. This is just 8 diff. rooms shown , I still got 3...
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    A look back at some of 08'

    thanks everyone.. SP, I'm a memeber on 3 sites but none mine or really private I would say,lol pick desc. me standing behind a 6'4" tall pre98 bubba Bubba kush bx4 pheno1 BK bx4 #1 bottom nug BK bx4 #4 , bud hidden deep in a mess of growth me standing behind the 6'4"...
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    A look back at some of 08'

    here we go...
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    The Water Hash Lab

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    reefermans private stash seeds on the farm next week

    all sounds nice
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    Going to cali , what to do about smoke

    I'm not too sure on where all we'll be going , my friend is wanting to move out west - so we'll be checking out different cities/houses , I'm just tagging along to see if its something I may want to do also. If I didnt have a family I would be on my way tonight but having kids you got to think...
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    Going to cali , what to do about smoke

    What to do? Long story short.. I got a chance to go out west and see cali but I'm leary about leaving home/my stash and getting out there and being smokeless , I gotta make my signals daily,lol I thought about mailing some out there but I'm too scared to have it sent to a hotel. I dont...
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    the real 17th High Times Cannabis Cup

    the zoom in, lol
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    Dutch Passion Videos

    the video's better than I thought it would be thanks for the link
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    Blubonic or BlueSatellite#2.2

    I havnt ran the blubonic or og x bs so I cant say how they are. I'm probley not the best person to ask about blue strains as I've found them to be weak potency wise , I see others rave about them but out of all the packs I've grown over the yrs I havnt found a girl I thought was awesome...
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    Sour Bubble from N.Y.

    is that a big leaf or is he a midgit?:thinking any worry abotu mold growing her so far north?
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    Blubonic or BlueSatellite#2.2

    I've grown the blue sat 2.2 , ran 3 packs (36seeds). Also ran 3 packs of swt1.1 and sweetblue. The bs2.2 had awesome looking buds, great yielder,very colorful, has the largest trichomes, dare I say ,than any plant ever! Just a perfect and fun plant to grow. Now the smoke, it was super weak. The...
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    Top ten strains of the year

    :mmm I may have to try this. How many seeds would 1 have to pop to find that "top 10 of 2008" plant?
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    Cannacopia Genetics?

    this is startig to not sound good , I read reports of non skunky doubleskunks or whatever reef put out also. maybe rks is gone forever;(
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