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    CHEM D bx3

    I'll bring this thread back from the dead... Nothing wrong with ISP's Chem D BX-3. This one's got the funk! Stinks of skunk, lemony fuel and pepper. The best one I've found so far from 5 females out of 8 seeds (still have a couple of packs in the vault), the other 4 smoked great, this one...
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    Island Sweet Skunk And Kosher Kush Bud Pics From The Bluzboy Garden

    Just popped 4 ISS (old Federation genetics)...hope it turns out that good!!!! Kudos my friend! Peace BM
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    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Thanks Topofthecrop! Certainly is...a few more... Peace BM
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    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Remember Elite Genetics? He might 'arguably' have been an idiot, but he certainly had some great genetics!!! :D Tahoe Double OG. Peace BM
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    Sin Porn

    Ran some of the Sour Line a couple of years back...all great plants and great gear...will def pop some more this time around. Peace BM
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