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    Growing In The Desert

    put as much humidity in the air as you can... they can handle the heat but need the humidity to keep growing. i grow in very arid climates and the plants explode when i introduce humidity. when i dont.. they grow in the morning and in the evening and stall out in the high dry temps of the afternoon
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    Plants Going Overall Pale...

    i grow it all the time. how often are you feeding it?
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    2017 Pine Tar Kush Outdoor'

    So you are saying this is the ptk? Because that is was joe sent hazeman
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    2017 Pine Tar Kush Outdoor'

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    2017 Pine Tar Kush Outdoor'

    I've looked at your pics and I agree with Joe. Too freaking early to start calling them. I have been online for almost ten years here and never trolled or fought anyone ... Ask anyone... I'll I'm trying to do , as a fellow grower, is say that maybe those seeds are possibly suspect... Take what...
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    2017 Pine Tar Kush Outdoor'

    Nspecta is doing a side by side with these seeds and real deal ptk.. he will be able to see if they are the same.. From what I've heard Hazeman contacted my friend for the seeds.. he specifically asked Hazeman not to work them... Knowing he would... He sent him the wrong seeds on purpose to see...
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    2017 Pine Tar Kush Outdoor'

    Nope wasn't any of those fellas. Just trying to give you a heads up. You can believe what you want.
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    2017 Pine Tar Kush Outdoor'

    Going tar kush from Hazeman are fake. I Know the guy who passed him the 79 Xmas bud. He did it to see if Hazeman would keep his word and he didn't. Jokes on hazeman
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    No More Outdoors Grows Alowed In Co

    isnt the DEA not allowed to spend any money investigating medical grows?
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    Outdoor Adventure 2014

    I think I crossed it with u derdawg d... incognyto made the original cross
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    I'm a seed whore..... And proud of it!

    cali connection ...old shit. sour og was solid . funk was weird and ogiesel was dank just auto flowered on me
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    I'm a seed whore..... And proud of it!

    still have most of those... plus i cant even make a list anymore. beans never stop.
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    Is This Normal For A Sulfur Burner?

    make sure that the dish is close enough to the element to get warm but not touching the dish. if done correctly you wont have smoke but you akso wont be able to go in the room and breath. it should smell pretty strong as well i use mine in veg and up to week three in flower.. once every ten...
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    Mg Deficiency

    what strain is it? also if you can look at the roots
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    true hermies are one thing... having a plant show you a few male flowers is another. i say just pick off male flowers and keep the plant alive. and yes, if you use the pollen from the male flowers you should get female seeds, but they def can be hermie prone if produced that way
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    Air Cooled Hood Info

    i like the answer provided by science. it makes sense. but, i have pushed and pulled air through lights... and pushing has never worked as well. maybe its just me.. but i could never get it to work well.
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    Air Cooled Hood Info

    the solis-tek 1000 watt ballast will run a 600 bulb but it will shorten the life of the bulb. they also say they dont have any spectral shift when you dim the ballast with a 1000 watt bulb... i dont think i am completely sold on that yet.
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    Removing Pesticide ?

    yes. they asked a question. i will give them an answer. without opinion.
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    Removing Pesticide ?

    this is why forums are starting to suck... he is just looking for an answer. not an opinion.
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    Powdery Mold

    greencure at 1/2 green scoop per gallon.. or organicide 3-1 .. 1 to 2 oz per gallon dash of dr. bronners soap or 3% H2O2 15-45 ml per gallon dash of dr. bronners soap good luck!
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