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    10X10 SOG Tentgrow

    woops..just saw that you guys got 5 ps from the 3200 im not as far behind ya as i thought i was. But i still think i should do better tho. im aiming for 2½-3 ps this round. Id love to see what would happen with a large yielder like chem d or sumthin like that, in your beds.. Stay Safe
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    10X10 SOG Tentgrow

    Sick sick sick thread. You and i almost do the same. I have a 8x3 organic soilbed with 3x600´s with open reflectors burning. The bed is 1,5 ft deep. I too veg clones for 10 days, but i can see that you cut far larger clones than i do. I reuse my soil and just add different meals and guanos plus...
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    Alien Landing Zone!!!

    I see the Knuckles and the Formaggio is up now...please tell me the kush and the dog didnt go up yet... Stay Safe
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    Trichoderma Powder Application

    Bumpin this one with a Q. Does the Trichoderma work, if mixed directly into the soil, or watered with? Stay Safe
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    soluble mycorrhizae for hand watering organic coco

    Umm i think sannie carries some sort of Or try lookin up Trichoderma from Canna..tho i think it might have changed the name to akTRIvator. Stay Safe
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    Alien Landing Zone!!!

    DAYUMMM!!!! Soul you gots tha shit right there... Being a new member i definately found the future place for coppin beans....well actually...when i get my hands on some of them AT hybrids the chase is over i think. This looks like it cant get no better. Now im just wondering if youll work the...
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    Sig Hej!

    What up.... Stay Safe
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    Joining the party...

    High gang. Just wanted to tell yall that im now a member of this wonderful site. Been a memeber at IC for quite some time now, and i was also a OG member back in the day. Ive been lurking around here a bit now, and i like the atmosphere over here alot. Not that i dont like IC, but ive seen...
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