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    aquaponics - does anyone do it?

    Could be fun to try:) I do sometimes use my aquarium water for watering my plants but not too often because it's impossible for me to judge how much nute to add.
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    IR bust near me, should I be worried?

    Flir is also an excellent excuse for the cops to use if they want to protect... ...snitches
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    IR bust near me, should I be worried?

    Well depending on what "not too far away" means you definitely shouldn't post too many details about that bust because doing so might identify it and turn anyone reading here onto the fact that you are close to that location. Even if that information by itself doesn't identify you it changes...
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    This frog wants to make a home in my pot

    It's not gonna lay any eggs in your pot - toads lay their eggs in water. It might appreciate a place to hide - an upside-down pot with an entrance hole dug under the side would be cool.
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    What Happened to Open Grow

    Happy to hear nothing serious is wrong with the forum. Went here immediately when I saw it was down. Stay safe man:)
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    barney's seeds

    I'm a little disappointed with the way they market their "Sweet Tooth". According to their own description it's Afghani x Nepalese x Hawaiian with a 9-10 weeks flower. If that's the case then they really should have used another name since everybody knows the real Sweet Tooth is an SPG x Dj...
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    Feminized Breeding

    Exactly - I wouldn't feel bad about using established strains to create stabilized crosses. Just hacking a strain and creating F2's, seconds or what you choose to call them is another matter though, unless it's abandonware(C99, swt#3 etc...) or strains already copied by many others (Skunk#1...
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    Feminized Breeding

    Feminized F1 seeds are possible though. Example - if you pollinate Skunk #1 with female pollen of Afghani then you'll get a feminized Skunk#1XAfghani F1.
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    Federally Legal Marijuana: The Legendary Old Miss Pot Farm (VIDEO)

    Actually the way it works is that you develop an allergy when coming into contact with an allergen if you're already predisposed. Example: If you're an allergic and buy a rabbit you might not be allergic to it in the start, but repeated exposure to the dust it creates might make you develop an...
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    What is everybody putting outside this year?

    I've got a couple of Esbe's crosses to play with: ErdPurt F2 Phils Erdpurt * E-Rocket/Danish Passion Redhaired Sonja * ErdPurt Erdbeer * PR/Red Erdbeer PP/Erdbeer * Swissmiss/PP Leb27/Ptk*ErdPurt Katsu Bubba * B3 ErocDp/dc X B3 HTC DC/ErocDP X B3 Htc DC * ErocDp F2 Also...
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    Cannabis Treatment for Swine Flu

    I just don't buy that pig-farm... It's sad to see cannabis marketed as the miracle medicine against almost every disease known to man. It's also sad to see medicinal cannabis being used as a springboard towards free cannabis - IMHO this definitely doesn't help the people who are genuinely...
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    whats your faviorite way to clone?

    I use jiffy+clonex and I love it - it has never let me down. It's not super fast - I've seen roots in 8 days but normally it takes 14 days before the roots are coming out from the sides. A very big advantage is that the clones can actually veg for a couple of weeks in the jiffys too if...
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    What does it take to get seeds listed on THCBay?

    Just wondering :) Working on some stuff but I won't say it's anywhere near ready for release yet. I see some people release F1 crosses of established strains - I'm not sure that's the way I want to go though.
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    Why PPM?

    I'll definitely cast in a vote for EC also, since as said before if someone gives you values in PPM it's almost useless information unless they tell you what meter/conversion factor they're using.
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    Cannabis nets Dutch growers 2bn euros a year

    I do believe those numbers are pure bs... Imagine 100,000 dutch growers earning 20,000 euro per year? I don't think so... Or 10,000 dutch growers earning 200,000 per year? I don't think so either...
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    ukcheese reveg

    Notice the curly leaves? Those are typically the sign of the end of the reveg period - from now on the new shoots should start looking better - and I also think the newest shoots I can see look a lot better. Make sure it doesn't get rootbound though.
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    Sweettooth #3

    Yeah Swt#3 can take some nutes without going ballistic, but she also handles lower nute levels quite well. Needs some vegging to perform because she only stretches 50-75%. Responds well to topping if done in good time before flowering, but lower branches will be shaded out because of the large...
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    Best harvest time

    2 days darkness sounds like it might actually be a very very nice solution if space allows it- if it really does add maturation then it would be perfect, because you can just move them to your dark place, get the next batch started and then come back 2 days later for the trimming job:)
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    the pure

    Those were some beautiful plants:) You have really been spoiling them with all of that light and it looks like they liked it. How many watts did you veg them under? Looking forward to your next grow. I'm getting more and more attracted to "The Pure" - I think I'll try them some time.
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    11 strains in homebox XL

    Crazy grow:) I'm following it for sure.
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