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  1. heavydutykevork

    Bassnectar RedRocks...

    Was going to visit some homies in Co, and got tickets to the sat night show and wanted to see how many peeps from the farm was goin and maybe meet up and smoke some diff strains,, cone style baby...
  2. heavydutykevork

    Michigan... Strains, pics, and whatever!

    Since our awesome thread got deleted I thought I would make a new fresh one! Only thing is I don't have any pics until I figure out how to upload on ipad2, not very computer smart:/ but let the show begin farmers lets see what you got!
  3. heavydutykevork

    Pelican natursoft... No salt water softener for well water?

    Was looking around for r/o systems for my well water and came across these PSE1800 Whole House Filter-Softener with UV 1-3 Bath they say takes all the iron and sulfur out but keeps the good stuff in like cal/mag a little pricey but deff looks Boss to me... Anybody use or have info on these salt...
  4. heavydutykevork


    This is a DeathStar Cut I got from a close friend of mine who got it in Ohio he also got the Dumpster but I did not have room for it.This plant grew big hard colas super frosty and smells earthy, skunky, and diesel. Never smoked her yet but I really cant wait.
  5. heavydutykevork

    Cannabis Cavier Spliffs

    This is how I like to smoke my J's...feel free to post your favorite ways to smoke your fine erb. Chop up 14 grams of your favorite erb in this case i'm working with StrawberryBubba. Weight up 8 grams of HoneyOil something different This is FireBubba oil. pull out freezer and reheat...
  6. heavydutykevork

    Og raskal's starwberrybubba

    Og raskal's strawberrybubba Just finished up some StrawberryBubba a few diff phenos heres some pics of the 1 I like. Taste like candy coffee strawberry and has a choke factor still has not cured but for being dry stuff sure is killer. Peace HDK
  7. heavydutykevork

    Og raskal erb

    Some pics of OGR's gear the WhiteFireOg, Strawberry Bubba and WhiteUrkle are at 7 weeks. The FireBubba is at 6 weeks,Berry White is 3 weeks and SuperStarDawg are at 1 week. Thanks for looking. HDK Pic 1,2, WhiteFire Pic 3,4,5, WhiteUrkle (A few diff phenos) Pic 6, StrawberryBubba Pic...
  8. heavydutykevork

    outdoor vs indoor?

    Just wondering what u farmers think is better when grown perfectly in both? I think perfectly grown outdoor is the best IMO...i smoked some cola de burro in the mexican jungles that had me trippin and wasted! What do u guys think???
  9. heavydutykevork

    Greenhouse + Dank = goodtimes

    Alright lets try this again...This is my grow log for a greenhouse grow, this is my 1st time growing in a greenhouse but not outside, any help would be awesome. The strains i'm growing... OGRaskel- Purple Urkle x White, White x Fire Og, Pre 98 Bubba x Fire Og, Strawberry Cough x...
  10. heavydutykevork


    Whats up farmers, just won the DUDxDUD and wondering if anyone can give some info on this cross. I heard Joe made it but not for sure? Also how long I should let it go? and how it grows? any other info would be great also. Thanks for anything ya'll bring to the table. Peace HDK:cool0041:
  11. heavydutykevork

    HDK's Co/Op Grow,4 x 1000 sealed and Co2..

    Whats up Farmers,,this is a log of our 100% legal Co/Op grow. I'm new to this so bare with me jus got a cannon G11 to take some pics for ya to enjoy and if u notice anything please help. I love to learn and dont think I know everything cuz I dont. Ok well with that being said he a description we...
  12. heavydutykevork

    IceProbe Thermoelectric Aquarium Chiller

    Just starting a 8x9x8 room with 4 x 1000 and split mini a/c. We are using 3 20 site aeroflo's with Co2 and scrubbers. My q's is about water temp. I found these ''IceProbe Thermoelectric Aquarium Chiller'' small water chillers on the internet and wondering the input if anybody has some on them...
  13. heavydutykevork

    SunPulse lamps 4k,6.5k,3k,and10k

    SunPulse lamps 4k,6.5k,3k,and10k? was thinking of using these SunPulse lamps with my dual 600 power grow box, just wondering what mix i should use cause i don't veg, but i know most plants stay vegging the 1st 2 weeks anyways so just wondering if anybody has used these and what you think would...
  14. heavydutykevork

    ult chem 91?

    I got some chem 91 in 4th week of flowering started to herm in 1st 2 weeks in, i pulled off the balls and everything looks great so far... hopefully they dont grow back!!! but they stink really bad!!! 1 pheno is short with huge leaves and thick ass stem and other is taller with more slim...
  15. heavydutykevork

    Hello every1 from the great lake state.

    Jus wanted to say hi and introduce myself to the farmers. I'm from Mi and so proud that our state has finally woke up and smelled the herb that helps all!!!but i'm along time reader first time writer so bare with me please. I'm a 80's baby that's been reading HighTime's since the 90's so i'm ok...
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