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    SinMint Cookies Grow

    That is swell of ya guys at SinCitySeeds... Best of luck to ya brother Mogrow. Peace. DJSF
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    Hash Plant X Double Strawberry Diesel (any info?)

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    WhiteFire porn at 50 days bloom

    Sorry to hear that RB! Nice to see ya still pumpin out some dank ;) Karma will get them bastards in the end. Take care brother. peace, djsf it'sssssssssssss MURDA!
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    G.F. Greens seed run

    Any updates bro? Sounds like some fun ;) Holla back when ya get a chance! peace, djsf
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    RaskalOG Kush Bush in Bloom

    Lookin great RB! peace, djsf
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    What exactly are the different cuts of OG?

    there are threads already on this subject. Here is one... With a lil research... you can find that there are others. djsf
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    Moe's ASG Testing Thread

    Lookin' great Moe! Keep up the great work! See ya around brother! peace, djsf
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    Has anyone ever used "Beastie Bloomz?"

    green (powder)
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    4k watt bubba grow

    Looking great LL! I can't wait to see the extra boost they get! (2K w) peace, djsf
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Aseop Rock!!! That album is the SHIT! Catacomb Kids is bomb too! Oh... and Getaway Car... With the Hendrix sample!?! Its fucking great! Gotta love the Blockhead production! Peace, Love, Light DJSF
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    Blueberry - Day 53

    Looking great Papa Kush! I just received a DJS Pre2000 Blueberry cut from a friend... I have seen it in action and it looks very similar to yours! Gotta love the smell, stone, & taste!!! Keep up the great work! peace, DJSF
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    3 finger leaves

    Yep... Its from flowering & reverting back to veg... all good brother good post lollipopman!
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    Test Grows

    Awesome Harry! I was a lil worried... I still have the room bro... keep us in the loop!
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    High from the Midwest

    Welcome to the Farm! Take care, stay safe & have a great weekend!
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    Test Grows

    D9 Testers Harry told me the same thing stone... The first package had some shipping trouble, but a second pack was sent... Maybe it had some shipping trouble too? I hope all is well! I am really looking forward to running these tests ;) Take care fellaz! peace, djsf
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    Hey we're Hope Unlimited in San Diego

    Very honorable! Welcome to the Farm! peace, love... djsf
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Jah bless the hip hop headz!
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    Test Grows

    Hey Harry Resin... Thanks for the awesome opportunity! I'm so excited ;) I'm not sure what how many crash test dummies (lol) you have on each strain yet but... If available... I would like to try: Normal line Super Star or Cannasutra Kandahar line KAH x AfGoo or KAH x Cherrypez...
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    Rats on a sinking ship!

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    lights and electric bill

    Thats what I'm talkin' bout boiii!!! Maybe a windmill or 2 ;)
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