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    Are There any vape devices out there that will work with full melt bubble ?

    love my omicron has changed my smoking habits. if i hold the button to long without inhaling i get a burnt taste.
  2. J

    ever grown with a tubular skylight?

    ive seen them over salt water reef tanks supplemented by metal halides. it grew the coral.
  3. J

    outdoor propane barbecue ?

  4. J

    outdoor propane barbecue ?

    i got one it works good. kinda weird cooking and not seeing the flame.
  5. J

    Delta9Vapes Persei & Omicron V2

    took my v2 to mammoth to go snow boarding. loved it didnt have to smoke all weekend.
  6. J

    calling all peyote pillar and hollow foot owners

    ive havent hit a hollow foot. love the piller
  7. J

    Snow Removal Etiquette

    i would have shoveled snow all day and pilled it against there house.
  8. J

    Best Brand of Digital Ballast?

    dude i spoke to at lumatek was great. he said its the stores policy. the store i bought mine had to call bwgs as they were the distributers. store gave me new ones then i exchanged those for quantums. and i too have had cable company shut down cable cuz of bad rf noise. that was when i was in an...
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    Best Brand of Digital Ballast?

    i just turned 2 lumateks back into my store exchanged for quantums. i talked to a dude at lumatek he said its the stores policy to not theres. that being said to the store i bitched until i got them to replace both ballast with quantums. one of the lumateks still worked. i also got store credit...
  10. J

    MC`s Forest Adventure

    mys buddys dodge does the same. we cant figure it out. thinking its a grounded out wire.
  11. J

    Selling to Dispensaries in California.

    you can do that not legal though. youll have to find a disp that you can trust. all the disp are closing up shop so it might be hard. you are a couple years to late to hit that cali gold rush
  12. J


    i have a cut called angel tear kush its pre98bubba x m39
  13. J

    The best radar/lasar detectors

    i still rock the same valentine one i bought in the 90s. works way better than the new bell something in the wifes car. worth every penny.
  14. J

    everyone loves BOOBS, so drink a beer

    love me some pizza port
  15. J

    What are you drinking right now.

    mineral water no alcohol for me
  16. J


    isnt it NL#5/SK#1 ?
  17. J

    Building table for drain to waste, help please.

    thats how my tent is
  18. J

    How do YOU bring in equipment and get rid of your garbage? How do YOU stay stealth?

    i live next to a goat farm. goats will eat anything. soil i reuse in my outdoor plants. nute bottles go in the trash.
  19. J

    mobius vs toro micro which is better

    my local headshop has a hitman torch. 4gs
  20. J

    mobius vs toro micro which is better

    sg recycler hits nice
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