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    new round of TESTERS (Allstar Genetics )

    I'm game for an ASG round.
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    local grower and activist

    Welcome to the farm Mean Green.
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    ehole makes the "below current"

    I'm lovin' it! You're going to KILL them tomatoes. Can't wait to see what you can do when you get out West!
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    Much love to the indica champions.:star
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    hello from the Harvestmen

    Welcome to the farm.
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    Cannabis Cup mans experience

    That was an awesome review. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort.
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    What the hell did you do to my BUD CANDY Advance

    The thing that folks should realize is that there is no federal regulations on claims for horticultural products. I can put some molasses and grape juice in a bottle and say that it will make your bushes grow greener than green and there is no one to hold anyone accountable. Does everyone get...
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    Growing in San Diego County

    Here's one that I have gone rounds with our LEOs...what about the other way around. We all have our maladies and our recs, I am the most severely disabled, and can stay home and produce a small quantity of MMJ. So what if they take ME to my Dr's appts and help ME with my bills, and in return I...
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    hr's SSSDH x Jack Herrer #22 test grow

    Yep, my cuttings are starting to bust all kinds of roots. It was superFAST!:smiley_joint:
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    two ways to stay legal in Cali..which one would yield best?

    I have also heard that anything over 99 plants will put you on the Fed(dickhead)'s radar. I wouldn't test those waters, but that's me.
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    Jack O Nesia - Test Grow

    Beautiful job OC! You're an ace. Lovin' those elbows!:icon_spin:
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    hr's SSSDH x Jack Herrer #22 test grow

    It's a trippy looking plant, eh HR. I see the fat leaves of indica, and the skinny sativa leaves. This strain may look trippy, but it sure looks good.:character0103:
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    bud eating green caterpillars

    You need some Spinosad sold at Home Depot for $7 a pint. It's natural and used for consumed vegetable products, I'd put it on earlier in the grow than you're at now to keep them bastards at bay. Also, you need a pair of springed scissors BR.
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    Jack Herer NOT dead :( but very sick! So long old buddy. I'll see you when I see you.;(
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    Jack Herer NOT dead :( but very sick!

    Doggone it! Sorry to hear about this old buddy, you hit the Rainbow Bridge.;( I first met Jack when I was composing a research paper on The Environmental, Ethical, and Economic reasons for the Legalization of Marijuana and Hemp at CSUB in 1989. He met us at Venice beach, gave his passionate...
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    G Organic Setup, a Glimps.

    It fricken hurts me to hear that. I pray that those responsible will regret their decision to mess with something so blessed. I pray they regret it TERRIBLY! Anyhow, on an up note, you couldn't be in better hands genetics-wise--you're about to come up. Glad to hear of the Suite 215 Cali...
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    G Organic Setup, a Glimps.

    What complications did you face? Hopefully all is well.:character0103:
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    Topping the OG

    I dunno man, I'd supercrop the OG plants if I were you. OG is a strange lady. She REALLY responds to the supercrop. I've heard they get really tall too. I am on my fourth run of OG, and I wouldn't know about the height, because I have always supercropped mine and kept them lower in height. If...
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    Cen of the facist police.....

    No doubt! I was just up there visiting Dr Brown, and getting transcripts from Fresno State. It really hasn't changed all that much since I was there. On the way back from visiting Dr Brown we stopped in at one of the ones off the freeway in Goshen, I didn't see any bud I would buy, but did get...
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    Cen of the facist police.....

    Go Bullfrogs!! Dang close 1 in Wisconnson(sp).:mad0233:
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