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  1. GrowConcern

    My Cindy 99 seedlings are a little weird...

    Growing Fast Cindy 99 from seed. (Canuk) All 3 seeds popped, but one has asymmetrical nodes and another is this weird gnarled looking thing. Anybody got any insight into why?
  2. GrowConcern

    Weird Gelato

    I’m in week 3 of flower. Everything is good, but I have this one weird plant that has been far slower than everyone else to develop and has these odd discoloured leaves that curve at the tip. I’ve gotten a runt gelato in the past, so I figure this might be a variant of that. At this point I’ll...
  3. GrowConcern


    I have two plants out of 18 that appear to be flowering. They’ve been 18/6 for 4 weeks. Is this just normal pre flower? One is a Do Si Do the other is a Wedding Cake. Both are supposed to be photoperiod fem. Any help would be appreciated. I’m stumped.
  4. GrowConcern

    Multi Strain Toilet Paper Apocalypse Grow

    Well, I thought I’d start another grow while I’m stuck in the house. I had initially planned to go with a perpetual grow with 2 8x8 flower tents and a 10x5 veg tent, harvesting a 4x4 every week or so, but decided to go with a straight single room seed to flower grow for logistical reasons right...
  5. GrowConcern

    4th Week of Flower Gelato and Grand Daddy Black

    This is my first grow. I feel like it’s going well.
  6. GrowConcern

    Flowers Look Good...Except This One

    4 wks into flower, my girls are looking good. But one top bud is looking weird and stunted compared to others. It was growing pretty close to my 630w CMH, which is probably the issue. I’ve moved it, but would love some more expert eyes to tell me if this is cause for concern?
  7. GrowConcern


    Hi, 4 wks into flower, found these bud sites that look different on one of my plants. All plants were grown from feminized seeds, so I never checked sex. Worried these could be male flowers. It’s my first grow, so I’m looking for some experienced guidance.
  8. GrowConcern

    First Grow - How Does It Look?

    Hi, This is my first grow. A mix of feminized Grandaddy and Gelato. Grown in coco, in 5 gallon fabric bags. I’m running AN CoCo nutrients on an auto fertigation system. Had some PH issues in the seedling/early veg stage but it’s fixed. Then had a cheap grow tent break and drop a light and...
  9. GrowConcern

    Newbie Needs Advice

    I’m about two weeks int my first grow. Growing 7 Grandaddy Black and 6 Gelato. They are growing quick but I’m starting to see some yellowing on a few leaves and want to catch the problem quickly. The issue is that the more I read the less sure I am of the problem. Am I over feeding, under...
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