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    Foxfarm Nutrient info

    i've been using cal-mag+ since you guys recommended, hasn't hurt
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    Good Growing help

    Word man. Good looks on that.
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    My new room setup, Advice?

    48 plants, only 2.75lbs???? Did you even get your $ worth from electricity spent?
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    600W X 4 Aeroflo 60 Plant Medical Grow

    Looking good. Indeed.
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    What's you fav video game to blow of steam?

    Halo 3 all daaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy
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    Foxfarm Nutrient info

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    Foxfarm Nutrient info

    I was using grow big, now I am in flowering and am using Tiger Bloom, and will be starting Beastie Bloomz tomorrow. My question.... Is it worth using Cha Ching also? Has anyone tested? Used? Seen it used?
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    greetings from new england

    Hey fellow new englander. I too am new. :P
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    Hey everybody, a new member from New England

    Hey everyone, just a hello from our corner of the states. I'm sure many folk on here are from around my way, and are hoping for :sun2: like I am. Cheers.
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    I like taking pics

    I need a DSLR...
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    Week 7 Chem Double Under Dawg

    brings back some chem smell memories . mmmmmmmmmmmmmhhmmmmm
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    exterior chocolope

    Right on man, I've never seen a Chocolope Outside!!! Sick!
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    L.E.D grow mix strains

    I'm thinking of setting some money aside for some of these... Is this what you've been using?
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