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  1. BudGoggles

    Slackinnn on 4K Co2 cage style

    Well I been slackin on starting a thread so I figure Ill start it up right now and then I'll have to get some pics real soon or else Im just a douche bag Same old room running 4 k 2 UCs, 1 8 gal 8 site and 1 13 gal 8 site Bottled co2 with a sentinel cppm1 and a 18k mini split The room is...
  2. BudGoggles

    Need advise on cycle timer for dtw

    Im having a hard time searching for the right timer. I need a timer that can feed multiple times per day and also pick days not to water. I feed 1x a day and Mondays and Fridays get tea and aptus. I want to bump up the feeds to 2 xs per day and monday and fridays once per day later after I hand...
  3. BudGoggles

    Thought I would share some root porn

    20 days straight from the cloner into 6 l pots of pure coco and OGbiowar tea And Im a rookie at coco
  4. BudGoggles

    Deficient plants in coco

    This is my first real coco run. The plants are 2 weeks old straight from the cloner to 6.5 lt pots 1000 watt lights 20 rhs on 4 off veggin fed once a day Pure coco with layer of growstones on top and bottom Fed with RO water 1 ml calimagic 5ml H&G A & B Total ec 1.2 ph 5.8 run off coming out the...
  5. BudGoggles

    4K Coco dtw VS UC 13s 8xl

    Just planted the cuts yesterday 24 Frostitute and 2 Strawberry Diesel Heres what we have 4k with adjust a wing hoods 18k btu mini split 70 pint day dehu Bottled co2 Sentinel cppm 1 First up Coco 18 ladies 4x8 table top feed dtw H&G base & Aptus additives OGbiowar teas weekly UC 13s...
  6. BudGoggles

    H&G + roots ex VS H&G + aptus

    Gonna do a little test with some seedlings in pure coco. The seedling are 2 weeks old and have been getting fed H&G with roots ex and weekly ogbiowar tea. I just transplanted them into 5.5" pots today. Im going to run them side by side everything the same except 7 plants will get h&g with roots...
  7. BudGoggles

    4K 2 8xl DM Gold + Co2 "SourBubble"

    Here we go Systems are up and running filled with 16 Sourbubble cuts fresh out the ez cloner DM Gold and zone sitting at 250 ppm and ph 5.9 Piped with 3/4 pvc These ones been in since Friday and the 13 gal plants went in today
  8. BudGoggles

    Upgrade Time (4k 2 8XL Co2)

    I havent done a good thread in a while so I thought I would share what Im doing right now. I been down and not growing since March and its time to get the shit going The old room has been tore down and is getting totally revamped Heres whats going into the room Room size 12.6 X 10.6 with a...
  9. BudGoggles

    Upgrade time got a couple Qs

    Im in the process of upgrading my 10x12 room Everything is torn down and ready to rebuild Im upgrading from a vented room to a sealed co2 environment This will be the first time Im running sealed so Im gonna need a few pointers on gear. Ill be running 4k with xxxl magnums without the glass So...
  10. BudGoggles

    Dehu ???

    I have a 10x12 room thats going to be sealed with 16 ladies in UnderCurrent. Im looking to find a decent dehumidifier in the price range of $300-$400. Anybody know of anything thats decent around that price I would really be grateful Thanks BG
  11. BudGoggles

    Planning a tear down and rebuild come on in

    I been running my current setup for about a yr and a half and Im finally ready to add co2. Im currently running 2k over a 8xl UC and a 1k on a mover over 8-10 girls in organic dirt in a 10x11x8 room The plan is to rip everything down in the room and rebuild and upgrade everything. Im...
  12. BudGoggles


  13. BudGoggles

    2K 8 UC 13s----1K #7s 100% org dirt

    Whats up to everyone that knows me and hello to the people who dont :party0044: I got a full perpetual garden going on 2 rooms Heres the bloom room Im running a 8 site UC 13 gal under 2k with floranova, floralicious +, koolbloom, cal-mag + and h2o2 I got this system dialed pretty good...
  14. BudGoggles

    BudGoggles perpetual UCs grow show

    I have 3 UCs 1 8xl 13 gal, 1 6xl 13 gal and a 8xl 8 gal Im running the 8 gal rig in the veg room under 2 8 bulb 4' t5s. The 8 xl 13 gal is under 2k and the 6 xl 13 gal is under 1k on a mover. All DM Gold nutes with a little add.27 and of coarse some zone Heres the veg room 4 plants on the...
  15. BudGoggles

    Ide like to here the different ways of draining the undercurrent

    Ive been draining all different ways. I use a subpump when I can take the plants out. But in bloom there way to big and I usually just let it ride. I know theres a drain and Im thinking of hooking it up to a mag drive pump. I would like to see how everybody else does this. This would be a...
  16. BudGoggles

    BodGoggles 13 gl 8 xl uc 2k LVPK

    All right heres a little bit of what I be doing. Im running dm gold with a 1/2 a dose of zone every couple weeks. In bloom Ill add pure flowers. I run a 1/4 chiller 5500 btu a/c with passive intake. Last run I yielded 3.5#s from the same room it was my first time growing lvpk. I plan to hit...
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