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  1. Gauge303

    Stardaw..are These Ready?

    im in Co but need a triple check n opinion if I should pull these yet?
  2. Gauge303

    Are These Ready?think They Might Be Nov Harvesters?

    These are a unknown strain but I think they might be ready close to nov or maybe even into nov?what do you guys think..I live in Co
  3. Gauge303

    Do These Look Ready For Harvest?strawnanna-berry

    I live in Co
  4. Gauge303

    I Live In Co And Need Help With The Perfect Cure.

    Hi I live in Co and am growing Stardawg,Strawnanna berry and a unknown strain that I believe is Columbian gold.I am looking for a good method to cure and bring out the flavors of my buds.I have time on my side I have abasement room that is able to be dark as long as I want it.I will have access...
  5. Gauge303

    Dj Shorts Original And True Blueberry Strains.

    Hello I am a new grower and seed collector and I just wanted to say that after years of searching I finally have BOTH of Dj Shorts blueberry strains.His original and his True “Blueberry”.I am wanting to get these amazing strains back into if anyone is interested in connecting to...
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