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    Farmer finds 800 Pot plants between corn fields

    A somewhat local news story just broke that a farmer found 800 plants on both banks of a stream that runs between his corn fields. Not a lot of details, but take a look.... -DrD.
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    Smell of Pot From Chimney Leads To Record Bust!

    Hey everyone, breaking news that I just read on a pot bust in New Jersey. Some moron decided that, even though he had over 1,000 plants inside this tiny rented home, that he would burn all the leaves and 'throw-away' parts of his plants in the fireplace! Classic stupidity! The police ended up...
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    Trouble with Sativa's?

    So this may be a funny question to some, as I'm laughing at myself while typing it. I'm currently growing some OGR White Fires, Fire Bubba's, etc. These all have MONSTER fan leaves, bigger than my hands. My first experience growing a plant like this was my previous grow with LA Confidential...
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    CO2...Do you use it?

    Hey everyone, I was searching on here for some info on CO2 usage and to see how many people actually are using some form of infusion in their grow rooms. I'm a little tight on budget, but am guessing most would recommend the burners versus refilling a tank all the time. So I guess my questions...
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    Pics of Strawberry X18?

    Hey Raskal, do you have any pics of the Strawberry X18? I'm tight on cash and have really wanted the KKSC x The white, but figure waiting on those is too risky so I'm probably gonna try for these X18's. Eiither way I'm sure they're quality! Take care, DrD.
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