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    what does it mean when ph of ruoff is lower than what go inn?

    It means that your Soil pH is acidic and lower ph than your water source... What is the pH of your runoff?
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    south kona beans

    I hear you my brother... Too many choices, so little time ;)
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    PH not dropping.

    Sounds like you are using water with a high amount of Chlorine (Cl2) and it is bonding with your Ca++ or K+ and forming alkaline salts that are driving your pH UP!
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    new growth a lighter colour...?

    What is the pH of your run-off..... I usually see that when the pH is a little too low and you begin K, Ca, and Mg lockout. I was growing a grapefruit diesel that was extremely sensitive to pH... It had to be within a couple tenths of 6.3 or it wouldn't even grow
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    whats your favorite og raskel strain?

    I have run most of Raskal's white crosses with the exception of White Master (on pre-order!!!).... Right now the KK Strawberry Cough x The White is my favorite... Incredible flavor and strength!!! I got an awesome sativa dom pheno!! Funny because I usually prefer indicas & indica doms..
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    Bubba kush x Bluemoonshine nug pics

    I still have 4 of these seeds... Weren't they released as Fem seeds?
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    south kona beans

    Hawaii does not have any landrace or original strains.... It arrived here in the 1800's along with workers from Asia and Portugal.. Mal pretty much hit the nail on the head... We bring other strains here and they just grow better... In the late 60's and early 70's new strains were brought...
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    MMJ application on Oahu, how long generally for a response??

    Last year my Doctor sent my card in to Public Safety on Aug 1st and I didnt get the renewal until Nov 31... But they did send me letters extending my previous card until I got the new one.. The year before it was only a 2 month wait... Supposedly they only have one person processing all...
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    Sonic Fly?

    Aloha Mosca~ Are you entering the Sonic Fly in the HT Cup this Nov? Just inquiring cause I think it's unique enough to challenge, strong enough to win :)
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    Sonic Fly?

    At the moment it is easily the highest yielder out of the 10+ strains my partner and I have growing between us.. This strain is one of the exceptions to the rule with respect to high yielders typically being that potent... I have been perpetually cloning this one for since getting it from...
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    Sonic Fly?

    I had purchased the fly pack back in Oct 09... C99 seeds didn't do so well... But the Sonic Fly provided me with a keeper that I have been working with since Oct... I have to give props to Mosca... the Sonic Fly is incredible... The strain is extremely vigorous and it typically takes...
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    Pro mix or Fox Farm soil

    Ive been using Fox Farms OF in my mix but I'm gonna try Happy Frog for awhile... My buddy has convinced me to at least give it a try... I do 2/6 Happy Frog, 1/6 Perlite (popcorn size), 1/6 Coco Coir, 1/6 Local Natural Soil (Slightly Silty Clay), 1/6 recycled soil mix Adding Bone Meal, Bat...
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    how do you remove the chloraphyl taste from butter?

    Cure the plant material first... Only reason bud and bud trim tastes better is that there is less chlorophyll per volume
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    Bad Batches of Coco Noir

    Don't know if it was Sunshine brand as it happened a while ago... I was having 99% success and then I borrowed some coco coir from my neighbor because my hydro store was out... I lost all those clones.. they just wilted..... I would try to use a brand from Sri Lanka as opposed to North...
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    spidermites in soil?

    Spider mites can certainly be transferred from a contaminated site to a non-contaminated site through bagged soil... Had it happen to me a year ago and I went back to the shop with a buddy and we found areas of infestation... we notified the manager who denied it until she saw it for her own...
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    School Boys

    The gene that makes corn purple was discovered at UC Berkeley in the last month :)
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    HELP PLEEZ!!!!Cloning A Certain Plant

    All the posters have given you great advice... While taking clones early is ideal... you can take clones any time with the same amount of success.. at least with coco coir ;) Keep in mind that I grow outdoors year round so I can't control the light! I had two different phenos of pre98...
  18. A Online Medical Marijuana

    Nice to see another option for Medical Users.... Good luck in your ventures.... Are you offering any discounts to Disabled Veterans?
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    Seedbank warning!!!!

    I wouldn't put your money down on Attitude so fast :) The good news for me is that my frustration with Attitude seeds led me here!!! I had ordered DNA- LA confidential from Attitude... 10 seeds and no pop.... Found 3 other people on RIU that had the same issue.. I emailed Attitude...
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    Clones dying at random

    I have found root rot to be a big problem with our humidity over here on the islands...
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