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  1. Newtogrowing

    My Next Grow!! Mystery Glue..

    Well trying a new one here thats called Mystery Glue. I'll put up a few pics.
  2. Newtogrowing

    White Rhino Grow..

    Oh well starting another grow, this one is WHITE RHINO from Nirvana Seeds. This is the first time I'm growing this one so if any of you farmers have any words of wisdom for me let me know. The plant is a month old.
  3. Newtogrowing

    Stansen Led Grow Light 900 Watt Full Spectrum.

    Hello all, I've been using this light now for about 6 months now. Has anyone out there in cannabisland used this light? It has the veg and bloom switches. I only use the veg switch in the veggie period. My question is can you use both switches in bloom or just use the bloom switch. I've heard...
  4. Newtogrowing

    Harlequin/moontang Grow

    Hey all sorry I haven't been around in awhile. Been dealing with medical issues. Well here I have a Harlequin/Moontang plant. I almost was ready to throw her out because I thought it was a male. But then I talked to a real good friend of mine (@str8smokn) and he said give it another week so I...
  5. Newtogrowing

    Lemon- Alien Wifi Grow

    Well this is a first for me. Trying a new strain to grow. I got this seed from a friend and thought I would give it a go. Don't know if it is a female or male seed so its 50/50. lolol. I'll put pic's up as I go. Have another seed going and its called Pink Panties. I know that i'm to old to be...
  6. Newtogrowing

    Northern Lights X Big Bud Autoflower

    THC Farmer Smoke Report INFO Tester Name : Newtogrowing Strain : Northern Lights X Big Bud Auto Method Smoked : pipe, joint APPEARANCE SMELL Dominant smell of bud : fruity Associated smells of bud : musky, berries TASTE Dominant flavour : citrus, berries Associated flavours ...
  7. Newtogrowing

    Northern Lights X Big Bud Auto

    This is my second run with this strain so we''ll just have to see what happens. Had 2 plants but one bended over and died. Oh well!! lolol. She's on day 42 into growing.
  8. Newtogrowing

    Snow White Taste Report!!

    THC Farmer Smoke Report INFO Tester Name : Newtogrowing Strain :Snow White Method Smoked : pipe, joint APPEARANCE (insert photo here where possible) SMELL Dominant smell of bud :Citrus fruits Associated smells of bud : Sweet, musk TASTE Dominant flavour : Citrus Associated flavours ...
  9. Newtogrowing

    Why Are My Leave Stems Red?

    Just wanted to know what to do. Need a little help!! My stems are bright red, and I also noticed the the leaves are changing a little. I use cal-mag and jungle juice grow, micro, bloom. In a gallon of water I mix 4ml grow, 8ml micro and 16mls bloom and 5mls of cal-mag or calimagic.
  10. Newtogrowing

    Snow White Strain, Starting Another Grow.

    Hello all, been away for awhile but starting another grow. This strain is called "SNOW WHITE". My friend gave me these seeds so here we go again. I call them the twins as they both opened their shells at the same time and they broke the soil at the same time. They are 12 days old and using a 600...
  11. Newtogrowing

    Why Do My Autoflowers Look Like Twiggy!!

    Hi all @Newtogrowing here. I have 3 plants growing, gorilla glue, hindu kush and quarter pounder, all three are 30 days old, 36 inches tall and they look like the sixties super model Twiggy. The spacing between the nodes are about 5". The plants look nice and healthy. Not sure whats going on. If...
  12. Newtogrowing

    Gorilla Glue, Hindu Kush, Quarter Pounder Autoflower Grow..

    Hey all, been away for awhile but back with a new grow. Instead of the 1 or 2 plants grow I'm gonna do 3. This should be fun. But enough of that. This grow is Gorilla Glue, Hindu Kush and Quarter Pounder. I kept the order so, bottom left is GG, the one in back is QP and the right one is HK. The...
  13. Newtogrowing

    800 Watt Cob Led Lights

    Just wanted to ask a question. I've been growing with an led grow system for about close to a year now and I can never get the distance from the light to the tops of the plant. Its an 800 watt cob Led system. I just need to know what is the closest I can put the lights to the tops. The plants...
  14. Newtogrowing

    Its About Time!!! Amendment 2 Has Passed In Florida.

    Just wanted to put a post here because I'm very happy. Medical Marijuana has passed in florida.
  15. Newtogrowing

    Has Anybody Seen This Before!!! And There Are No Bugs.

    Hi all!!! This plant has me so confused. It all started when the plant was young. First thing I noticed that the leaves were getting little spots then little holes. I checked everywhere and no bugs. Then she has been vegging for over 50 days. Not sure if that is right for an auto. This plant is...
  16. Newtogrowing

    Is It Normal For An Autoflowering Plant To Still Be Vegging For 50 Days

    I have an autoflower plant that is still vegging and its day 50. Is this normal?
  17. Newtogrowing

    Northern Lights X Big Bud Autoflower

    Well got 2 plants going instead of 1. This one is called Northern lights x Big Bud. They say this plant gets to about 80cm. Well were going to find out. lolol. This one is 11 days old.
  18. Newtogrowing

    Need A Little Help!!! Don't Know What This Is..

    Hey all I noticed that a couple of leaves on my Sweet Mango auto have these little white spots and then a little hole. I checked the whole plant and I see no bugs what so ever. Can my lights be to close? I use a 600 watt led. This plant is grown inside. Check out the pic's. Thanks a bunch and...
  19. Newtogrowing

    Sweet Mango Autoflower, 2nd One..

    Well here is my 2nd grow of Sweet Mango Autoflower. The 1st one came out really nice. Now's it's time for the next one. The plant is 30 days old. She's in a 2 gallon pot.
  20. Newtogrowing

    Dark Devil Auto

    THC Farmer Smoke Report This is the second grow that I have done with Sweet Seeds and the Dark Devil strain. The first plant was really beautiful and dark purple almost black. This the second plant of Dark Devil and she came out green!!. I was like holy shit its not purple. So contacted Sweet...
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