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  1. J

    having health issues

    Get well Bro
  2. J

    Lizardo and NP 13 tester

    Gonna be a good show:banana:
  3. J

    Poppy flowers (somniferum) anyone?

  4. J

    Cheese - outdoor organic

    :cool0044: Nice report,
  5. J

    The Friesland Outdoor Project

    Looking forward to pickin some up, any word on when they drop?
  6. J

    10 year old uses mj for autism,w pos. results

    Good Story
  7. J

    Knockout Brownie Recipe (1lb butter!)

    Thanks was looking for a good recipe for some heavy hitting edibles.
  8. J

    Cannabutter Magic Cookie Bars - Medical Cannabis Edibles (Easy)

    Yumm I plan on making some edibles for New Years
  9. J

    Hello from Cali!

    Welcome, Black Domina's some good smoke.
  10. J


    Whats up trainwreck666 this is a nice spot if i say so myself
  11. J

    Nashville here!

    Whats up Nashash
  12. J

    just getting my feet wet

  13. J

    2000w-coco-Purple Kush-DTW-scrog-med grow

    Nice set-up I like that cloner
  14. J

    more pics

    Thanks for the info, I got a pack in the drawer I may put out this spring. Hope them seedlings pull threw for ya.
  15. J

    Southeast Michigan Med patients?

    Southwest MI here
  16. J

    is the michigan scene taking off yet??

    I agree,
  17. J

    more pics

    Your mazar is looking good,round how many days does she usually go in flower?
  18. J

    Hey there. A little introduction and how MMJ saved me from hell

    Whats up Smokethestate, Im sure you'll find a method that suits you here on the farm,
  19. J

    Morning All

    Whats up SYC, looking forward to seeing some of your work:rasta:
  20. J


    Whats up Genepool :banana:
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